400% Increase in the Bookings of Star Domestic Cleaners for 2 Years

When providing consumer services the word that stands first and most important factor is the consumer. This is why at Star Domestic Cleaners every effort is focused towards providing the client with a hassle-free and completely satisfactory service.

Locally owned and operated cleaning company Star Domestic Cleaners announced a 400% bi-annual growth in regular customers at the end of 2014. Company representatives are excited to welcome 2015 and expect to continue the trend and reach new hights, which is only achievable with the same commitment towards customers, employees, and partners. 

What has lead to this?
Star Domestic Cleaners' policy for attracting and holding customers is their dedication to selecting the finest individuals for the job, motivating and monitoring them. Then, another important factor is the management and the internal organisation within the company. A bookings management system means each appointment is monitored by company representatives and cleaners alike helping them to always be when and where they have to be. 

Another strong feature is keeping the rates within reach for the regular 9-to-5 person but still providing star-quality services, which introduces best value for money and who doesn't love this. Affordable rates are possible only with low travel cost achievable with local partners, plus no agency fees.

About DomesticCleaners.co.uk
Accumulating over 18,000 website visits during the past year, the company's official website is the easy way to appoint a cleaner, learn more about the services, the company and more. This can all be done cost-free by using the chat platform or contact form. You can request a callback in the most appropriate time for yourself.

This year, company officials expect to implement a quote calculator, which in a few clicks will return a custom-tailored quote for your particular needs.

About the Company  
Star Domestic Cleaners operates since 2004 and celebrated its 10th birthday with a 400% increase in bookings. Growing as a company has had its difficulties but it was an expected growth, one which was managed the right way with long-term success is on the cards. From the very beginning the company has had a vision - proper innovative management created to sustain in the demanding London industry.

Contact Information
Press release author:
Daniel Davies
daniel_davies at domesticcleaners.co.uk

Contact customer care:
tel: 020 3404 6962
email: office at domesticcleaners.co.uk
website: http://domesticcleaners.co.uk/


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Star Domestic Cleaners is a London based cleaning agency with local partners all around the capital.

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