4 Years After COVID: Hospitals Nationwide Maintaining Ventilators in Patient-Ready Condition with Support from US Med-Equip

Preventative maintenance, recall remediation, and other biomedical services surge for medical equipment stockpiled during the pandemic

US Med-Equip Bio Med Services

With life-saving medical equipment stockpiled during the COVID-19 pandemic up for preventative maintenance or remediation after recalls, hospitals nationwide are turning to US Med-Equip for support.  

A manufacturer-certified provider of preventative maintenance, recall remediation, and other biomedical services, US Med-Equip is leading the way in supporting hospitals keeping a surge of equipment such as ventilators in optimal, patient-ready condition. 

Amid prolonged strain on hospital staff and budgets since COVID struck, sidelining costly equipment in need of routine maintenance, recall-related updates, or repairs is not an option. 

“With patients’ lives on the line, hospitals expect the most rigorous quality assurance and manufacturer-certified biomedical expertise to keep their medical equipment in the best condition possible,” Greg Salario, US Med-Equip CEO, said. “Hospital partners have for 20 years entrusted our team to ensure their rented equipment is right, ready and on time and more and more are relying on that same support for equipment they own.” 

From ventilators to infusion pumps, medical equipment requires regular inspections, calibrations, software updates, parts replacements and other routine maintenance. Preventative maintenance based on manufacturers' guidelines helps reduce the risk of a malfunction during patient use and extends the equipment’s lifespan. 

Recognized as a Top Workplace for its mission of helping healthcare heroes with biomedical support services; movable medical equipment, bed and therapeutic surface rentals and sales; and asset management solutions, US Med-Equip has biomedical technicians working across the country in partner hospitals and from ISO-certified service centers. 

Source: US Med-Equip

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