3DLOOK Announces Advanced 3D Model Generation to Help Retailers Compete Against Amazon

3DLOOK, the pioneer of mobile body scanning technology for the $3T global apparel industry, announces the release of a massively improved 3D body model generation, SAIA 3D V2.0, to help online brands and retailers create an enhanced online shopping experience for their customers, solve fit and size problems, increase conversion rates, and lower return rates.


3DLOOK, the pioneer of mobile body scanning technology for the $3T global apparel industry, announces the release of a massively improved 3D body model generation, SAIA 3D V2.0. This new generation continues 3DLOOK’s mission to amass the largest dataset of human body models and measurements in the world. V2.0 will help online brands and retailers create an enhanced online shopping experience for their customers, solve fit and sizing problems, increase conversion rates, and lower return rates.

The company, founded in 2016, has spent more than two years in pure R&D perfecting its proprietary technology which uses computer vision, neural networks, and complex 3D statistical models to instantly process and measure the human body from just two photos taken on any mobile device. Some of the largest global brands and retailers in the world have been testing 3DLOOK technology since its release in beta in June 2017. 3DLOOK's first version of the B2B product SAIA Perfect Fit is also being tested in brick and mortar. By example, Alibaba will soon pilot 3DLOOK's technology as one of the solutions within a shopping mall experience focusing on customization.

Today, 3DLOOK launches a revolutionary upgrade to their product SAIA 3D which instantly generates 3D body models from the two front and side facing photos of consumers, that can be taken by any smartphone. Early tests show a 30% increase in accuracy from measurement extraction from the two photos versus extraction tested on some of the leading 3D hardware scanners. Version 2.0 produces a more accurate and realistic 3D models which can also be textured and the new releases’ approach significantly reduces the computation time of the 3D model generation. Additionally, 3DLOOK has made its avatars ready for animation, a process known as rigging which is targeted to retailers and brands focused on athletics, athleisure and virtual dressing. The company has already partnered with CLO, a leading software solution for virtual garment rendering, and together have built a virtual try-on solution so that consumers can visualize how a product looks on them in 3D or augmented reality (AR) before purchase. The goal is to reduce the likelihood of a return and encourage shoppers to spend more time on a website, increasing customer engagement.

SAIA 3D is an easy to use SaaS platform and includes a flexible API, mobile SDK and personal accounts for each client enabling them to create 3D models of their customers, and then analyze data of the 3D models which accurately capture sizing trends, market segments, and analytics about their actual customer. The simple integration allows a business to sign up, upload two photos and instantly receive measurements and 3D avatars of their customers.

Vadim Rogovskiy, founder and CEO, is focused on revolutionizing how the industry as a whole looks at sizing and fit from a product creation level. With SAIA 3D V2.0 Vadim is giving brands and retailers the tools and data necessary to stay competitive against Amazon who late last year bought competitor Body Labs for a reported $50-100M.

Separately, he also hopes that this technology will make a dent in the level of waste that plagues the industry by contributing the insight desperately needed to enable a much deeper level of customization.

SAIA Perfect Fit which is the company's other B2B product will soon be available at scale to SMB's. Early next year, SAIA Perfect Fit will launch as a SaaS platform which will easily allow for simple integration into a website or mobile app. The solution makes fit recommendations using the measurements it generates from two photos uploaded by a customer and the product data which is uploaded by the SMB. The product is currently being tested live with several smaller clients and is in various stages of pilots with close to 20 major global brands and retailers. Early test results prove a 30% increase in conversion rates for customers using the widget and a 20% increase in revenue per customer.

3DLOOK has put an enormous amount of time and focus on the user experience. The technology works on any background, processing time in seconds, and users can choose to have someone take a photo of them or take a selfie in a full-length mirror. Unlike other scan technologies, consumers do not have to disrobe. The algorithms are trained on a vast proprietary dataset of fully dressed people.  

Vadim believes there is a huge opportunity to respond to the consumer's demand for customized apparel and more personalized shopping experience. "Understanding a consumer's unique body data is the first step to understanding what the consumer might actually want to buy. The online shopping experience is going to look very different in the next few years. Companies like Amazon are already working on their own solutions while other online retailers will have to look for opportunities to compete against the corporation. I'm glad that we are part of this exciting revolution that can help e-commerce apparel businesses of any size to grow."

3DLOOK’s technology is about to tear down the walls of an industry on the precipice of massive transformation.


3DLOOK is headquartered in Silicon Valley with two R&D offices in Ukraine. Their proprietary and patent-pending technology has been built by a world-class team of more than 20 engineers including several Ph.D.’s and advanced experts in the fields of computer vision, 3D, neural networks, mobile technology, product management, and manufacturing and retail. The company’s mission is to transform the way people interact with their smartphones to solve everyday problems.

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