3D Designing Doesn't Have to Be Rocket Science Anymore

Gone are the days when making a graphic design mockup took days and the brain of a rocket scientist. It's much easier and even more economical today. Thanks to Visual Designer 3D - a premium designing software that enables quick workflow with the finesse of an artist.

​The idea of a software that not only makes designing and rendering easy, but also perfect is rather brilliant and the users seem to have liked it. Visual Designer 3D may not be the first of application that enables real-time designing but it surely is the first that offers such a huge variety of feature rolled into one package. And the free Version provide all the features every animator need.

Having been received well by the users, it seems to be a tool that is quite handy as a 3D rendering software for quick designing with a gamut of materials and effects to express one’s creativity with. It is ideal for product design, industrial design, marketing, advertising, architecture, motion design, jewelry and more... with look variation support and real-time animation as well.

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Bernt Smith, Marketing Head

It may be a new software on the block but it certainly offers much more than what any routine app does. Along with the advanced design features, one can also reap the advantage of VIP support, plug-ins and custom developments, training and consultancy.

The future of 3D design looks quite promising with aids and tools like Visual Designer 3D. To know more about the novel innovations in designing, or to make mockups for product design with the trial version or to avail any of its other services, log on to http://www.vd-3d.com/


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