365 DDS Announces New Technology Service for Dental Industry

365 DDS ("365") launches DDS Connect artificial intelligence ("AI") powered telephony service.

365 Dentists

"Whether you've moved, got a new job or just need to see a dentist today...DDS Connect will help you find a dentist that meets your needs," says Andrew Travis, VP of Communications.

The information technology provided by 365 DDS Connect ("DC") brings together patients and dental practitioners on the basis of their unique requirements and needs.

Since 2017 365's team in Portland have been developing the AI for DC. DC is proprietary technology that automates the pairing of dentists to the end user. Today the DC can detect over 15 different points of criteria that it uses to make a recommendation to the user. As the DC learns, and the technology expands, 365 hopes to use these insights to provide better services for their partners and expand the criteria for optimal recommendations.

With DC's AI active monitoring, 365 gains valuable insight that creates new opportunities and solutions for their partners. "We've seen a lot of demand from users requiring in-network dental practices and dentists open for service after normal business hours. We are learning new things every day."

DC is live in seven cities; Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Denver, Portland, Atlanta and Dallas. 365 is expanding DC coverage city-by-city with a goal to becoming fully national by 2019.

To use DC, in region users call the toll-free number (800) 723-0231 where the DC algorithm will begin the short process of identifying the criteria required to provide the best selection of dentists available within 365 DDS' network of partners. 365's DC users can quickly narrow their search and connect with dentists in all fields of specialty via home phone or mobile device anytime 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

About 365 DDS:
365 DDS developed and launched suite of digital services for dental practices and an online oral health portal for end users in 2017. 365 has helped thousands of dental practices grow their businesses in the United States. DDS Connect is a new service offering users quick and easy access to their dental needs.

365 DDS, 6637 SW Macadam Ave, Portland, OR 97239
Phone: (800) 723-0231
Homepage: 365dds.com

Corporate Communication
Andrew Travis: (503) 336-9953‬

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