365 Connect Navigates Through the Noise of Website Accessibility Compliance During Live Webcast


365 Connect, the leading provider of award-winning marketing, leasing, and resident service platforms for the multifamily housing industry, announced today that its CEO, Kerry W. Kirby, will serve as keynote speaker in a live webcast. The webcast, Navigating Through the Noise of ADA Website Compliance in Multifamily Housing, is scheduled to air on September 15, 2021, at 3:00 P.M. ET on MultifamilyBiz.com, the largest media resource in the multifamily housing industry.

Navigating Through the Noise of ADA Website Compliance in Multifamily Housing dives into the most highly discussed topic in the multifamily housing space and beyond: digital accessibility compliance. The webcast will delve into how the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is being interpreted by legal experts to extend to online services and the measures necessary to ensure that websites, as well as the services provided, are accessible to everyone, including individuals with disabilities.  

"We live in an interconnected world, one that is reliant on the Internet to deliver information, services, and resources through multiple online channels," Kirby explained. "As physical buildings become more digitally dependent on their websites to transact and interact with both prospective and existing customers, these services must be accessible to everyone."

Joining Kirby is property management expert, Ernest F. Oriente of PowerHour, an industry professional since 1988, and the author of SmartMatch Alliances. Oriente and Kirby have presented over 140 webcasts together, covering an array of topics from strategies on maintaining optimum performance of multifamily communities to the latest technology trends. With nearly 50 years of combined experience in the multifamily housing industry, Oriente and Kirby deliver comprehensive, educational, and leading-edge programming, which earned the duo global recognition with multiple highly prestigious awards, including a gold Communicator Award and w3 Award.

Oriente responded, "Kerry is the ultimate go-to resource for all things digital within the multifamily housing arena, and I am excited to join him in this discussion on the growing need for digital accessibility awareness in our industry. Similar to all the material we produce for our webcast series, we strive to deliver relevant, straightforward information to our audience, so they can better prepare for the newest wave of developments in the market."

Kirby concluded, "Over a billion people, approximately 15% of the world's population, has some form of a disability that makes accessing the web difficult. Given the immense size of the modern-day market and the highly regulated world of rental housing, multifamily housing operators must be willing to invest in and implement a comprehensive approach to digital inclusion. We are excited to share our knowledge of this subject with our industry peers."

Registration for the webcast is available at MultifamilyBiz.com.

ABOUT 365 CONNECT: 365 Connect is the leading provider of award-winning marketing, leasing, and resident service platforms for the multifamily housing industry. Founded in 2003 with an unwavering commitment to delivering an integrated suite of comprehensive technology solutions, 365 Connect empowers property managers to accelerate conversions, simplify transactions, and elevate services. Learn how 365 Connect is leveraging its legacy of continuous innovation to solve tomorrow's challenges today at 365connect.com.

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