305-Life Health & Wellness Brand Seeks to Inspire a Movement of Joyful Health With the Release of Their Ready-to-Mix Supplement Line

Brand Led by 30V-Collective, a Group of Health & Wellness Entrepreneurs Including Armando Perez and Roger Yuan

Today, 305-Life, a health and wellness lifestyle brand that celebrates the ethos of Miami and seeks to inspire consumers to get the most out of life, officially launches. Riding on the swell of the growing supplement category, the company combines industry knowledge, innovative techniques and a desire to bring the best-quality product and flavor to consumers.

Inspired by the vibrancy and outdoor lifestyle of Miami, 305-Life features daily supplements with formulas for everyday life, recovery and energy. The creators of the portfolio, known as the 30V-Collective, are a group of industry veterans, marketing experts, famed trainers and entrepreneurs known for their business approach and presence in Miami.

"It's an honor to partner and co-found 305-Life," says Armando Christian Perez (Pitbull). "In these times, it's important that people take care of themselves. We all work hard to achieve our goals while balancing family, friends and whatever life throws our way. 305-Life is all about maintaining a healthy lifestyle and helping those who strive to be a better version of themselves," said Armando Perez, co-founder of 305-Life.

As published by Fortune Business Insights, the global dietary supplements market size is expected to showcase exponential growth by reaching USD 117.92 billion by 2027 while exhibiting a CAGR of 9.8% between 2020 and 2027. This is attributable to the increasing demand for personalized dietary supplements and the rising prevalence of chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol levels, and other heart ailments.

"While there is so much demand, consumers are overwhelmed with all the supplement options currently on the market. There aren't true leaders. Current brands are not hitting the key health benefits and providing great taste. As a professional trainer who specializes in movement, martial arts, and action design for big-budget Hollywood films and works with touring music entertainers like Armando, I saw the need for a product that suits the way people truly live their lives. Consumers are suffering pill fatigue with all the drugs and vitamins they take daily. Our ready-mix dosage packet solves that pain point and is both convenient and flavorful while keeping you vitalized and energized to take on each day," said Roger Yuan, founder of 305-Life.

305-Life will launch online at the end of September and focus on markets that over-index for their consumer and a growing health and wellness industry — New York, Los Angeles and Miami.

Product Overview: 

305-Life comes in easily portable individual packs that can be mixed into water or favorite beverages anywhere. Recommended usage is one packet per day mixed in 12oz of either still or sparkling water. All supplements are priced at $60 per box, which includes 30 packets, and are available online only. The line will include a daily supplement and two boosters.

305-Life is globally sourced and quality-tested by 21st Century, a highly accredited production facility with over 25 years of experience in natural flavors and award-winning health supplements.

A Brand with Purpose

A portion of sales benefits SLAM! Foundation, a non-profit educational organization supporting the expansion of public charter schools in underrepresented communities nationwide. The SLAM! network currently serves 12 tuition-free charter schools across campuses in Florida, Nevada, and Georgia. SLAM! schools expose students to careers in sports medicine, media production, marketing and the arts. SLAM creates a national platform for students to gain industry experience while developing on-the-job skills. Students can also earn college credits through robust dual enrollment and advanced placement programs.

As 305-Life grows, the brand will continue to give back to the community. 305-Life plans to sponsor teams at up to 12 schools a year, as well as donate $1 per sale to SLAM! Foundation. There will also be internships for graduates who seek to learn about health and wellness brand development, business management and more.

The 305-Life line also plans to expand in the coming years to include beauty, bath & body products, and a membership platform to the 305-community that includes online guidance and training for health and wellness.  

For more information about 305-Life, please visit https://305-life.com.

About 305-Life      

305 is a product & lifestyle brand that celebrates the ethos of Miami and inspires our consumers to get the most out of life. Life is continuous; you work hard to achieve the next level while balancing friends, family, health and whatever else is thrown at you.

At 305, we understand the need for balance, joy and the continued push to keep moving forward. You put your all into life, now let us help keep you vitalized and energized to take on each day.

About Armando Perez "Pitbull"

Pitbull invites disruption on a global scale as a GRAMMY®-winning independent international superstar, education advocate, business entrepreneur and motivational speaker. With countless awards, dozens of international number ones, hundreds of gold and platinum certifications, millions of single sales, 25 million album sales, and cumulative video views in excess of 15 billion, he has one of the most impressive careers in music history which set the stage for him to make true change. He successfully helped establish Sports Leadership Arts and Management (SLAM!) tuition-free public charter schools across the country and was honored by the United Nations General Assembly on behalf of Clean Water Here. He is behind several successful partnerships in the lifestyle space; the latest being 305-Life launching in October 2021.

About Roger Yuan

Roger Yuan is a sought-after actor, fight choreographer/action director, and physical trainer specializing in movement whose career spans more than three decades. As an actor, Roger has gone toe-to-toe with Jackie Chan in Shanghai Noon and with Michael Jai White in Black Dynamite. Other roles include Red Corner, Bulletproof Monk, Red Corner, Skyfall, Syriana, Batman Begins, Once Upon a Time in Vietnam, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 2  and more. As a fight choreographer/action director and stunt coordinator, Roger has drawn from a lifetime of martial arts training in Chung Kuk Do, Kyokushinkai, Tai Chi, Wing Chun Kung Fu, Muay-Thai Kickboxing, Western Boxing, and Shaolin Chi Gung, as well as yoga and gymnastics while demonstrating an uncommon gift for creating realistic action sequences with flair and grace. Recent credits include Jason Bourne, Warcraft, Eat Local, X-MEN: First Class, 47 Ronin and more. His most recent project includes the upcoming film DUNE (2021).     

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