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$300 Data Recovery is your cheapest option for professional RAID data recovery no matter where you are in the world.

Good news to all who are looking to hire professional data recovery services out there as $300 Data Recovery provides the most affordable risk-free data recovery. Success rate for data recoveries is 90%, and they are more than 50% cheaper compared to their competitors.

Regardless of the complexity, the format of the RAID or the number of drives in the RAID, their price is fixed. Another good thing is that customers pay nothing up front which simply means if they can't recover the data that customers want back, then they don't have to pay for anything. What makes their pricing unique in the industry is that customers pay a flat rate of $300 per drive in the RAID if they are able to recover the data.

The $300 Data Recovery team and staff are RAID experts. They possess the required knowledge in determining the RAID's parameters. They have recovered data from all RAID types successfully. Also, RAID can be recovered safely without the need of a clean room. This only implies customers can save money as a clean room company charges their customers extremely high prices in repairing bad drives whether or not they need to repair the drive in recovering the lost data. More information on how to get your data back fast or how to get your data recovery started can be found here.

In order to help the customers have an informed decision before using a service, they can read the reviews and customer feedback. $300 Dollar Data Recovery is proud to announce that they have acquired over 300 Five-Star Reviews as of May 5, 2013. Review sites include the popular and trusted ones like Google Plus, Yelp, BBB, Trustlink, and Yahoo. Utilizing specialized hardware-based data recovery tools and coupled with years of experience, $300 Data Recovery has truly mastered the art of affordable hard drive data recovery.

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