2nd Edition of "Is Your Body Baby Friendly? - How 'Unexplained' Infertility, Miscarriage and IVF Failure Can Be Explained and Treated With Immunology" by Alan E. Beer M.D.

How Immunotherapy Can Trick Your Body Into Getting Pregnant. Edited by Julia Kantecki and Jane Reed, with prefaces by Jeffrey Braverman M.D, Christo Zouves M.D. and Professor Gamal Matthias.

Originally released in 2006 by AJR Publishing, "Is Your Body Baby Friendly?" by Alan E. Beer M.D. is the foremost title on the subject of reproductive immunology, having inspired many doctors to use the tests and treatments in their own practices. The 2019 edition includes a directory of their clinics, plus fully updated contents.

As a medical student, Alan Beer was fascinated by the way an embryo emerged from the combination of a sperm and egg. When beautifully formed genetically viable embryos failed to implant, or developed into a fetus which then miscarried, he was convinced there was a reason for this. It wasn't "God's will" or "just one of those things" as couples were being told.

After years of investigation, Dr. Beer wrote that he identified several categories of immune dysfunction, in addition to blood clotting disorders which either prevented pregnancy from happening or made it impossible for the baby to thrive. He set out to prove his theories correct, helping couples who'd had no luck with conventional fertility treatments.

The book describes how an over-activated immune response from the mother means the embryo is viewed as a form of altered self-cell, like cancer. A full-scale immune attack then ensues, write the authors, who then go on to describe the problems that can arise if the woman's blood is prone to clotting and the embryo "withers on the vine" without a sufficient flow of nutrients from the placenta.

Despite his challenging patient demographic, he claimed a success rate of over 85% within three natural or assisted cycles. In many cases, he said couples did not require IVF treatment and became pregnant on their own.

Until his death in 2006, Dr. Beer saw over 7,000 patients and left a legacy of research which formed the basis of his book which was co-authored by Julia Kantecki and Jane Reed. In 2001, Julia traveled from the UK to the USA to discover why numerous IVF cycles weren't working. After treatment for blood clotting and immune issues, she became pregnant at the age of 42. 

Believing other women should not have to endure pointless expensive IVF cycles or the heartache of losing genetically normal babies, she worked with Jane Reed, a researcher in the field of reproductive immunology, to make Dr. Beer's work accessible to the general public. The book also includes a chapter by Zita West who writes about natural therapies to address the sub-clinical disorders that can cause reproductive problems and ultimately manifest as chronic illnesses.

"Is Your Body Baby Friendly?" by Alan E. Beer M.D. is published by AJR Publishing and costs $24.99.

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