2Market Information Inc. and University Industry Demonstration Partnership (UIDP) Enter Affiliation

Industry-Sponsored Research Management distributed to UIDP members

2Market Information Inc., publisher of Industry-Sponsored Research Management newsletter, has entered an affiliation agreement with University Industry Demonstration Partnership to provide access to the publication for all UIDP’s institutional member representatives.

Launched in March 2017, Industry-Sponsored Research Management is the first and only how-to newsletter designed to help universities attract more corporate-sponsored research and manage those partnerships effectively. Not-for-profit UIDP is the leading membership organization for corporations and universities seeking to address issues impacting academic-industry collaboration and find better ways to partner and maximize their investments in those collaborations.

Under the affiliation agreement, all of UIDP’s member representatives will gain access to the publication via the organization’s members-only web portal, beginning with the January 2018 issue. Industry-Sponsored Research Management will continue to be offered to non-UIDP members on a subscription basis.

UIDP President Anthony Boccanfuso, commenting on the affiliation, noted that it is part of the organization’s continuing efforts to provide more value for members, and more guidance and tools for encouraging and enhancing university-industry partnerships.

“The addition of Industry-Sponsored Research Management to our many resources is just the latest in our ongoing education efforts and a valuable new benefit for our membership,” Boccanfuso said. “UIDP’s commitment to building bridges between universities and corporations has never been stronger, nor has it ever been more needed. The outstanding, practical guidance found in each issue of Industry-Sponsored Research Management will be invaluable to the many leading companies and top universities who make up the UIDP as they seek deeper, more valuable partnerships.”

Added David Schwartz, CEO of 2Market Information Inc. and publisher of Industry-Sponsored Research Management: “We are thrilled to welcome UIDP members to our worldwide readership. This affiliation is a fantastic match, as the missions of our publication and the UIDP line up perfectly – to identify and disseminate new and better strategies and models for university-industry collaboration. UIDP members will see best practices, case studies, and proven tactics for deepening their partnerships and realizing better return on their investments in these relationships.”

Subscribers to Industry-Sponsored Research Management – and now UIDP members as well – receive expert guidance every month on the full spectrum of challenges they face in attracting and managing industry-university partnerships. Key topics covered include:

-          Marketing research capabilities and building ties with industry partners
-          Negotiating contract terms that support the university’s mission while also creating valuable benefits for corporate partners
-          Dealing expertly with complex intellectual property issues
-          Engaging faculty in efforts to build industry partnerships
-          Monitoring and preventing research bias, fraud and conflicts of interest
-          Ensuring contract compliance and maintain open, ongoing dialogue and collaboration
-          Complying with a host of regulations, internal rules, and legal requirements

To learn more about Industry-Sponsored Research Management and request a sample issue, go to http://techtransfercentral.com/marketplace/isrm.

About UIDP

The UIDP comprises many different perspectives and one focus: improving University-Industry (U-I) partnerships. It is a unique project-oriented forum where representatives from academia and industry seek opportunities to develop new approaches to working together. UIDP membership comprises some of the finest innovation companies and best research universities in the world: organizations committed to active participation in pursuit of excellence in U-I collaboration and partnership. Members of UIDP don’t just talk about problems, they solve them.  For further information on membership, go to www.uidp.org.

About 2Market Information Inc.

Atlanta-based 2Market Information Inc., publisher of both Technology Transfer Tactics and Industry-Sponsored Research Management, is the world’s leader in providing practical guidance and professional development for technology transfer and research commercialization professionals. Along with these publications, the company’s offerings include webinars, books, distance learning collections, e-zines, software, and other tools available in print and electronically through the Tech Transfer Central web portal. To learn more about its products and services, go to www.techtransfercentral.com.

David Schwartz CEO and Publisher
2Market Information Inc.
E-mail: dschwartz@techtransfercentral.com

Anthony Boccanfuso
University Industry Demonstration Partnership
E-mail: info@uidp.net

Source: David Schwartz CEO and Publisher


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