29 Years Behind the Purple Curtain With Prince

Rolling With Rock Royalty Prince

Kim Berry

Kim Berry, Elite Hair Stylist and confidant to Prince for 29 years, will be announcing some exciting information about her soon to be released and highly anticipated book, about her life with Prince, "Diamonds & Curlz, 29 Years Rolling With Rock Royalty Prince".

In the spirit of Prince and continuing his legacy of allowing his fans to be a part of his musical experience, Kim will do the same with the writing and release of her book.

Never done before, by any other author who has written a book about Prince, Kim will give his fans a rare and unique opportunity to be a part of his story.

Every fan will have a chance to be in her book. They will have their name placed in the "Thank You" Section. Those who submit questions will have their name along with their query placed in the "Question and Answer" Section. They will also receive a "Certificate of Love," a personalized autographed picture of her and Prince, a private call with Kim, some will have dinner with her and other memorabilia.

As this book will be read by millions of Prince Fans around the world, those that take advantage of this opportunity will stamp their names in Prince history forever.

Deadline for submissions is September 9, 2018.

Fans who want to be a part of this history, visit DiamondsNCurlz.com.

Updates on Twitter: #DiamondsNCurlz

For more information and to interview Kim contact:
Tamara Parnell: 267-400-0752

For more information about Kim Berry:
YouTube: Kim Berry

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