2600hz Sponsors Tip Summit to Showcase Cloud Communications Technology

2600Hz, the cloud based telephony platform, that provides users voice, data, and messaging services to millions of users globally has announced that it is a sponsor of the Telecom Infra Project (TIP) Summit in November. 2600Hz's COO and CTO will be attending to collaborate with top organizations that are transforming the development and evolution of telecom infrastructure across the globe.

Founded in February 2016, TIP is an engineering-focused initiative driven by operators, suppliers, integrators, and startups to disaggregate the traditional network deployment approach. The community's collective aim is to collaborate on new technologies, examine new business approaches and spur new investments in the telecom space. The second annual TIP Summit will be hosted on November 8th-9th at the Santa Clara Convention Center, were TIP members and other attendees will hear thought-provoking keynotes from leaders in telecom, see demonstrations of cutting-edge technologies, gain insights on key TIP project groups while networking with key innovators.

TIP is a perfect example of diverse groups and organizations working to evolve communications infrastructure across the globe.

Patrick Sullivan, COO/Co-Founder

“We are grateful to have an innovator like 2600Hz as a sponsor of our TIP Summit and as a member of our initiative to transform how network infrastructure is designed and built,” said Leland Lai, executive director of the Telecom Infra Project.

2600Hz is proud to be a bronze sponsor at this year’s event. Innovation and change have always been the main goal of the company. By opening the core of their main product KAZOO, the company allows for its users to build out their own vision of how telecom should work. With an estimated 65 years of combined effort since July 2010 and 25,565 commits made by 126 contributors, the company is happy to jump on board to do their part in transforming telecom.

2600Hz COO, Patrick Sullivan is personally looking forward to the event, stating  “TIP is a perfect example of diverse groups and organizations working to evolve communications infrastructure across the globe. 2600Hz works in conjunction with TIP to optimize business communications and functionality for end users, by developing forward thinking technologies that deliver high-quality, reliable internet and data resources. Like TIP, 2600Hz believes that opening up the stack to the world not only drives adoption, but also innovation through collaboration.”

About 2600Hz

2600Hz's cloud communications platform (KAZOO) modernizes how businesses provide telephony services to their customers. Kazoo, the revolutionary open-source, distributed multi-tenant platform, is a thoughtfully engineered mixture of tools built by leaders in the telecom industry and implemented to offer a feature-rich enterprise telecom solution. 2600Hz has expanded to offer a full enterprise-PBX as well as a hosted version. For developers building their own telephony apps, 2600Hz offers 100+ APIs that gives them full access to the building blocks of the entire platform. For more information, please visit http://www.2600Hz.com.

Founded in 2011, 2600Hz is a privately-owned company based in San Francisco, California

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