25th Anniversary of the Light-Life® Acu-Vac Coil by Colorado Inventor Slim Spurling

IX-EL, Inc. announced today that they are celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Slim Spurling's invention of the Light-Life® Acu-Vac Coil, which is core tool of the Slim Spurling's Light-Life® Technology. The heart of his technology is behind the very successful company, IX-EL, Inc. located in Erie, Colorado serving an international mix of customers and distributors.

​Erie, CO – June 2, 2016 - IX-EL, Inc. announced today that they are celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Slim Spurling’s creation of the first Light-Life® Acu-Vac Coil, which is one of the signature tools for the cutting-edge Light-Life® Technology and the Light-Life® Tools. The core of this technology is incorporated in the Light-Life® Rings, Acu-Vac Coils, Harmonizers©, Feedback Loops, and more.  How the technology was developed and the power of the Light-Life® Tools is documented in the flagship book “In the Mind of a Master”.  The book captures the profound impact of inventor and researcher Slim Spurling, and long-time Coloradoan.  His cutting-edge Light-Life® Technology makes it possible for individuals to drastically improve their well-being along with the improving the quality of their environment.  

Spurling’s Light-Life® Technology is based on sacred geometry and quantum physics, and is designed to help individuals reconnect with the beneficial energies on our planet that assist them in their own growth processes.

Slim in action was iresistible; to listen to him was spellbinding. I thought of him as Merlin, the Master of Energy. He introduced me to the quantum power of subtle energy and its role in my every moment. Working with his tools, I experienced miracle after miracle until I realized that was always Slim's point. Life is a miracle that we have the power and obligation to utilize. He gives us the tools and the wisdom to live life as it was designed.

Tanah Whitemore, Founder of Sacred Ground International

The Acu-Vac Coil is the second Light-Life® Tool create by Slim Spurling and was later incorporated in the Light-Life® Harmonizer®, which has a powerful worldwide impact on reducing environmental pollution and countless more benefits. The Acu-Vac Coil was one of Slim Spurling’s favorite tools; he used it whenever he saw people in discomfort and it always brought them great relief. The Acu-Vac Coil is not only used for healing of all kinds of ailments, but also for withdrawing discomfort and negative energy, i.e. from situations: crying babies, arguing couples, and remotely by working using a picture of the person in need.

The current list of applications for the Light-Life® Tools fall into countless categories such as relieving personal discomfort, reducing stress, increasing the body’s healing abilities, energizing water, decreasing air pollution, abating severe storms, and improving soil and plant quality.

“These discoveries are really rather remarkable. Almost any human endeavor will benefit. There's just an endless list.”
~Slim Spurling, shown here with some of his Light-Life® Tools

The Light-Life® Tools and their applications are now recognized and put into practice by a growing network of renowned scientists, qualified researchers, and grassroots organizations worldwide who are keenly interested in improving the quality of life for all.

About IX-EL, Inc.

IX-EL, Inc. is the only authorized manufacturer of the original Slim Spurling’s Light-Life® Tools that are designed to improve individual well-being, reduce environmental pollution, and improve agriculture. Spurling’s legacy of bringing balance and harmony to the planet has continued through his wife, Katharina Spurling-Kaffl, President and CEO of IX-EL, Inc. and her dedicated team. The Light-Life® Tools are distributed worldwide and Spurling-Kaffl’s vision is to have the Light-Life® Tools become a household name. IX-EL’s commitment is to Harmonizing the World – one Community at a Time!

Source: IX-EL, Inc.

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About IX-EL, Inc.

IX-EL, Inc. is the sole manufaturer of Slim Spurling's Light-Life(R) Tools. It is our mission Ensure YOU Have the Energy and Vitality You Need to Live Your Most Amazing Life...By Bringing Harmony and Healing to the Earth and its Entire Population.

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