$250,000 Reward - Info to Prevent Planned Ambush Attacks on Police Officers

Solveacrime.com is offering a $250,000 reward for information, arrest, and conviction of individual(s) that are planning any further ambush killings of police officers.

$250,000 REWARD

​​Qface Systems, the parent company of solveacrime.com has announced a $250,000 reward for information that may prevent further ambush killings of law enforcement officers. ​

CLICK LINK OR COPY & PASTE INTO BROWSER TO PROVIDE TIP: https://www.solveacrime.com/reward/policereward

The recent ambush attacks on police officers across the country marks the deadliest period of terrorist attacks against law enforcement since 9-11. While news of attacks and threats against police officers grows, so will the response from the community and companies such as solveacrime.com. “The men and women of law enforcement are the heart of our communities and nation. They quite literally stand between us and chaos, without them, our way of life will cease to exist, therefore, any effort that protects our law enforcement professionals from acts of terrorism is welcomed.” said John Walker, member of the Solveacrime.com law enforcement council. Walker has 29 years of law enforcement experience and was a former Police Captain in Florida and Colorado. 

“Officers are being intentionally targeted and assassinated in acts of terrorism” says Chuck Archer, former Assistant Director of the FBI and current Chairman of the solveacrime.com law enforcement council. “We stand firmly behind the men and women in our law enforcement community and will aggressively pursue information that we can provide them which may prevent any further attacks” added Chuck.

The $250,000 reward offered by Qface Systems and solveacrime.com marks the most aggressive call-to-action by a private company in response to the recent police ambush killings. Tips received through solveacrime.com are submitted anonymously and registered with a unique Tip identification number. The user can check the status of the tip id number and receive instruction on how to anonymously claim the reward if their tip leads to the arrest and conviction of the suspect. For more information and to provide a tip please visit https://www.solveacrime.com/reward/policereward

About Qface Systems

Qface Systems provides industry leading crime prevention solutions and identification systems. Qface’s COBRA System (Cloud Operated Burglary & Robbery Apprehension System) provides crime mapping, Actionable Crime Intelligence, unlimited access to solveacrime.com, secured information exchange portals between neighboring businesses and local law enforcement, banned book digitization access/sharing, and will include access to Qface’s upcoming cloud-based & on-premise facial recognition system which includes a database of over 50 million criminals.  Solveacrime.com specializes in the identification of suspects, missing persons, or location information from uploaded videos and/or pictures by law enforcement agencies, retailers, security directors, and private citizens. Solveacrime.com continues to attract thousands of new users daily with its free “Local crime alerts” feature which provides users with daily or weekly emails of all crimes within 1-3 miles of their home or business including crimes with associated surveillance videos/pictures, many of which carry a cash reward. Verified Law Enforcement officers are allowed free access to all Qface products. Solveacrime.com is owned by Qface Systems LLC. Qfacesystems.com

For media inquiries or interviews, please contact media@qfacesystems.com or call 800-530-1835 

Source: Qface Systems / Solveacrime.com