25 Year Old CEO Launches New Websites to Create a Garage Sale Industry

25 Year Old CEO has been running garage sales as a business since he was 14 (in 2004). He's now launching a variety of websites to help people start their own business or find help in their area with their unwanted items.

September 14, 2015 - Houston, Texas/Worldwide - Organizing a garage sale, traditional “driveway” or online, can be very frustrating. That’s why Grand Slam Garage Sales (GSGS) has created a master plan to help customers "clean up" and make a profit off of their unwanted items. Created by 25-year-old CEO Ben Weissenstein, GSGS has become the ultimate stop for clients looking for assistance in converting their unwanted items into a profitable return.   GSGS has also created a variety of websites which are being launched now to help facilitate a garage sale industry that Weissenstein says is waiting to be created.  These sites include:

•    GSBizKit (dot) com:  This website provides Garage Sale Business Kits (e-books) for individuals and businesses who want to learn the best way to run and manage a garage sale offline and/or online. Purchasing the kits gives customers the opportunity to access a wide range of information as well as get referrals of people in their area that are interested in their services .

"Those were the guys from Grand Slam Garage Sales with their tips for bringing in extra cash by having a garage sale."

Dr. Phil

•    RunMySale (dot) com: This website is all about helping customers manage their sales effectively. GSGS does this through the help of “affiliates” or people who have purchased the Garage Sale Business Kits.

•    PriceMySale (dot) com: With the services provided on this site, GSGS makes it very easy for customers to quickly get help when it comes to figuring out how to price their items and figuring out where they should sell them.

•    AdvertiseMySale (dot) com: This website helps customers advertise their individual items and/or garage sale.  Whether planning an online or offline sale, this site helps get the word out effectively.”

“When people say we live and breathe garage sales, they are not far from the truth. GSGS is constantly working to help people sell and remove items”, said Weissenstein. “Our company has developed a variety of resources to help people get reliable partial or start to finish help in regards to removing/selling their unwanted items.  We’ve also developed a great business opportunity via the Garage Sale Business Kits, therefore putting people in the position to make money by helping other people with their unwanted items.”

Grand Slam Garage Sales (GSGS) is the leading service provider for people who want to get rid of and sell items but don’t have time to do the work .  GSGS offers full removal and selling services from start to finish for individuals and businesses.  GSGS has a variety of websites built to help people in any way they may need or want help when it comes to removing and selling their items. The company also sells kits (e-books) teaching people how to start their own offline or online garage sale business.  For more information, log on to GarageSaleIndustry (dot) com. 

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