24k Gold iPhone Dock Released by Brikk in Time for the Holidays With 7% to Charity of Client's Choosing

Lux iPhone Dock in genuine 24k yellow gold, 18k rose gold or 950 Platinum finish. Original Apple Dock opulized by Brikk.

Brikk Lux iPhone Dock in 24k Yellow Gold

​​​​​​​​​​​The branding and design pioneers at Brikk have just released the Lux iPhone Dock. The original Apple Lightning Dock is polished and coated with a thick layer of a choice of precious metals in the laboratory of Brikk. This might be the best luxury gift of 2016.

  • Genuine Apple Lightning Dock with Custom Coating
  • Allows for charge and sync functions via Lightning adapter
  • Includes built-in audio jack for connecting headphones or speakers
  • 7% of sales price given to charity of client's choosing

The Lux iPhone Dock is the definition of opulence. It perfectly matches the iPhone and can be used on a desk at the office or on a bedside nightstand. It allows the phone to stay upright and even works with most phone cases. The built in lightning connector allows any lightning port compatible iPhone to be charged or synced.

7% of the sales price of each Lux iPhone Dock is given to the charity of the clients choosing after purchase.

Cyrus Blacksmith, CEO

Connect directly to an electrical outlet with a USB wall charger (not included) or to your computer for sync and charge functions. A built in audio port allows you to plug in your headphones or connect the dock to external speakers using a audio cable (not included). The Brikk logo and related Heptagon emblem are both engraved onto the dock. The Lux iPhone Dock is packaged in a Brikk Lux Protect Case with waterproof hard exterior and opulent velvet interior. 1 year limited warranty through Brikk and available optional on-site concierge service.

At just $495, the Lux iPhone Dock is a sample of a rare artifact made by Brikk. The low price point will allow more to appreciate the precision offered by the brand. Brikk has collaborated with Amazon in order to release the Lux iPhone dock with famous Amazon Prime same day shipping. China Brikk clients will be able to purchase through Taobao

7% of the sales price of each Lux iPhone Dock is given to the charity of the client's choosing after purchase. A key philosophy of Brikk is to promote a 'Luxury Tax' concept to makers and consumers of luxury goods.

About Brikk

Los Angeles based Brikk makes premium luxury high end technology products utilizing precious stones and materials often customized to clients requirements. Some of its other products include the Lux iPhone, the Lux Nikon Camera, the Heptagon Jewelry collections, the Lux Power Car charger and the Lux Protect Genuine Sapphire Screen Protector. Highly sought Brikk Concierge is available to all Brikk clients and is run by founder and head designer Cyrus Blacksmith. The specialized concierge service assists clients with many aspects of their technology driven lives. Most products made by the secretive brand are not known to the public. Only existing Brikk clients have access to all of Brikk's offerings that also include clothing for earth and space travel, automobiles and other specialized goods.

Brikk. Altruism through opulence.

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Brikk Concierge
Phone: 855.552.7455
Email: vip@brikk.com

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