23 Students From Singapore-Based Global Indian International School (GIIS) Achieve IB Topper & Near Perfect Scores for 2021

Over 50% of its cohort students scored coveted 40 points and above. The 2021 GIIS IB School average rose to 38.52 grade points.

IBDP 2021 Toppers

Global Indian International School (GIIS), a Singapore-based IB school, posted one of the strongest IBDP results in Asia and the Middle East, with 23 students emerging as IB World Toppers and Near Perfect scorers in the May 2021 exams, results for which were declared today.

As many as 11 students ranked as World Toppers in the exams scoring 45/45 in the finals, while 12 students were Near Perfect scorers with a result of 44/45. A total of 140 students appeared for the exams, and an outstanding 50% of GIIS students graduated with a score above the coveted 40-point mark. The GIIS school average rose to 38.52 grade points.

"This is a stupendous result for GIIS in a year of pandemic-related difficulties," said Ms. Melissa Maria, Principal of the GIIS SMART Campus. "Considering the unprecedented circumstances the students (and teachers) have experienced in the last two years of their diploma programme, we have achieved a phenomenal milestone", she said.

"We are proud that our Class of 2021 has emerged with exceptional results, overcoming all the challenges that were thrown at them and proving beyond doubt their resilience", said Ms. Isobel Lee, Dy Head for International Curricula at GIIS SMART campus.

GIIS was quick to take effective measures to combat the challenge and provide uninterrupted and high-quality education. It made use of the state-of-the-art technology within the SMART Campus to switch to Hybrid Learning by providing both physical and virtual classrooms.

The school also made use of its technological resources for all events, initiatives, and projects that the students were missing out on, by giving them virtual facilities, the latest devices, and uninterrupted digital platforms to continue with their diplomas.

The results are a snapshot of the effort put in by all the experienced teachers who worked beyond the call of duty to ensure that students were not adversely affected by the pandemic-related situation.

Highlights of the IBDP 2021 Results

  • School Average: 38.52 grade points
  • 74.75% - Overall 6 and 7 grade points achieved
  • 50% of students scored 40 grade points and above
  • 79.4% of students scored 35 grade points and above

GIIS has been offering IBDP since 2005. It is one of the most recognised high school programmes in international universities worldwide where students are assessed based on six subjects along with Theory of Knowledge, Creativity Activity and Service and Extended Essay. Due to its immersive and challenging nature, IB requires students and teachers to go the extra mile and adopt distinctive learning practices to achieve stupendous results.

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