21 Questions With James Sebastian

A quick catch up with Actor, James Sebastian and some quick fire questions.

Star of feature film "Journey" and upcoming comedy series 'Porn' as well as the hotly anticipated movie based on the biopic of William Lindsley. Today was a pleasure, speaking to the man of the moment James Sebastian. Here are the quick fire questions...ready?

Happiest moment? 
Now. But it's a secret as to why.

Greatest fear? 
The fear of dying.

What is the most deplorable trait in yourself? 
A desire to please.

What is the most deplorable trait in others? 
A desire to please.

Most embarrassing moment? 
haha. Actors are not easily embarrassed.

Most treasured possession? 
A family heirloom from my late grandfather.

Current computer screensaver
Snaps of beautiful places visited. 

Any super power. Choose one? 
Flying...Anything to avoid getting on a plane.

With the ability to bring something extinct back to life, what would it be? 

Dream job as a kid? 
A singer but soon realised my singing voice was awful.

Most overused words or phrases on a day to day basis? 

What has top spot on the bucket list? 
Visit the seven wonders of the world.

Is it better to give or to receive? 

Favourite smell? 
Tom Ford aftershave.

Favourite word? 
Too rude to say.

Who was the best kiss to? 
Second Girlfriend...no names

Dream dinner party guest? 
Lewis Hamilton. Massive F1 fan.

Best relaxation tips? 
At the gym with headphones on, or out walking, with headphones on.

When in heaven, how will people remember James Sebastian? 
As a good person hopefully.

What is the most important lesson life learned? 

Tell us a joke 
Why did the chicken cross the road...to get to the other side.

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