2022 Mother of the Year® Award Recipients Announced

American mothers across the nation recognized for their vocation of motherhood, resiliency, commitment to family and community with historic award

American Mothers, Inc.

American Mothers, Inc.® announced the 2022 Mother of the Year® award recipients today — women from diverse backgrounds and experiences across the nation recognized for their work, resiliency and commitment to family and community. These mothers were chosen from every state after a national nomination and selection process led by the organization. American Mothers, Inc. is an 87-year-old non-profit organization whose mission is to recognize mothers and their positive impact through the historic annual Mother of the Year® award.  

The state honorees will represent their respective home states at the American Mothers national convention this April, and one honoree will be selected as the 2022 National Mother of the Year®. "Time and time again, we have seen that there is no one like Mom," said Joyce Stevens, President of American Mothers, Inc. "Now, more than ever, people are seeing the work that goes into motherhood and truly recognizing the resiliency of mothers. It is an honor to be an organization that has built a legacy network of moms across the nation while sharing their stories of strength and inspiration."

For general media inquiries or to set up an interview with a Mother of the Year® honoree, send an email to news@americanmothers.org

2022 Mother of the Year® Honorees

Alabama Mother of the Year: Antoinette Sands
Alaska: Claudia Jones
Arkansas: Elisha Pillow-Daugherty
California: Vanessa Lopez
Colorado: Doris Donley
Delaware: Roxane Ferguson
D.C.: Vanessa Partin
Florida: Kristen Brown
Georgia: Natalie Fikes
Hawaii: Cheryl Ho
Idaho: Charity Haderlie
Illinois: Rachel Ternstrom
Iowa: Nancy Boettger
Kansas: Sierra Roberts
Maine: Patricia Clark
Maryland: Dr. Tasheka L. Green
Massachusetts: Dalene Basden
Minnesota: October Allen
Missouri: Amanda St. Pierre
Nebraska: Kimmera Vogt
Nevada: Dianna Klein
New Hampshire: Jane Davidson
New Mexico: Consuelo Cordova
North Carolina: Demetria Davis
North Dakota: Chelsey Strand
Oklahoma: Robyn Sunday-Allen
Pennsylvania: Tracy Purdy
Puerto Rico: Zorimar Betancourt
Rhode Island: Michelle Ristuccia
South Carolina: Holly Vega
Tennessee: Shana Smith
Texas: Jessica Dunn
Utah: Nancy Kennedy
Vermont: Tracey Hemond
West Virginia: Kristi Goode
Wisconsin: Lisa Witt

American Mothers, Inc.® (AMI) is a national non-profit, non-partisan organization given the responsibility of searching for and selecting the National Mother of the Year® from honorees representing all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Founded in 1931 as the Mothers Day Committee of the Golden Rule Foundation, AMI named the first Mother of the Year® on behalf of the nation in 1935. Today, our mission is to harness the power of maternal energy to make a positive impact in the world. For more information about the organization, visit AmericanMothers.org or find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: @AmericanMothers. "Mother of the Year" and the American Mothers logo are registered trademarks of American Mothers, Inc.®

Source: American Mothers, Inc.


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