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When it comes to joint and knee health, CopperJoint.com continues to provide insightful resources and thought leadership. As a developer and global retailor of compression garments, including knee compression sleeves, CopperJoint.com is poised to provide more than injury preventative and recovery garments, rather, they are committed to educating their consumers.

In April 2021, CopperJoint published a freely accessible overarching knee health guide, entitled the 2021 Knee Health Guide. This guide provided a closer look at common injuries, including ACL tears, meniscus tears, as well as their associated recovery measures to promote healing. While common injuries are indeed often a source of many queries, there are a variety of frequently asked questions that leave many perplexed. To this end, the 2021 Knee Health FAQ Guide has now been developed and immediately published for free access to all.

Within this newly published guide, questions ranging from "Why does my knee hurt?" or "How do you get rid of knee pain fast?" to "What exercises should I avoid when my knees hurt?" and "Are compression sleeves good for knee pain?" are explored and expounded upon.

When asked, Stefano Starkel, founder and CEO of CopperJoint.com stated; "I am committed to the health of my customers, their families, friends, and our communities as a whole. We all deserve to live healthy, boundless lives, and embrace fitness and our optimal health. Often the knee can be a literal pain point, prohibiting us from reaching our goals, or simply precluding us from remaining mobile. Our knee health guides are provided freely in an effort to educate and liberate people to move freely within their daily lives."

By visiting CopperJoint.com you will find over 200 blog articles, guides and additional information to educate, inspire, and optimize your health. You may also access best-in-class copper compression products and can learn from what others have to say, by reading knee compression sleeve reviews, watching industry videos, and more.

CopperJoint.com supports you, your health, and our united desire to stay healthy, safe and to lead productive lives.   

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