2020 REI Group Set to Launch REI Choice Insurance Focused on Property Insurance for Investors

REI Choice Insurance will be the latest addition of companies for 2020 REI Group. 2020 REI Group is a comprehensive real estate investment-centric company that believes real estate investing should be simple and investors shouldn’t have to do it alone. They allow investors to leverage tools and resources designed to take the minutia out of real estate investing so they can focus on what they are best at, investing.

“Property insurance just made sense for our customers,” said Tim Herriage, CEO of 2020 REI Group. “I’ve created companies based on my own needs as an investor and now I am making them available for everyone. I’ve gone through the complications of looking for funding, trying to find a Realtor, and even hunting for property insurance. Now 2020 REI Group will have another simple resource investors can leverage so they can get the help they need in one place. This is one of the final steps required to make 2020 REI the most complete vertically integrated real estate investment firm in America.”

Andrew Costlow, SVP of Insurance Operations for 2020 REI Group, will be leading REI Choice Insurance. Andrew has been an insurance agent for 20-plus years and has primarily specialized in construction insurance including property investment, home building, restoration, remodeling and residential/ commercial construction. He previously worked with insurance companies such as Chubb, Hartford, Travelers and Lloyds of London. Andrew also brings experience in other industries including manufacturing, distribution and information technologies. In addition, he also has capabilities in the life, health and disability insurance industry being engaged with quality companies including Aetna, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas, Humana, United Healthcare and Unum-Provident for over 15 years.

“I am extremely excited to be working with 2020 REI Group and plan on having REI Choice Insurance be the best-in-class insurance provider for real estate investors nationwide,” said Andrew. “We are going to be launching REI Choice Insurance in mid-October and I know this new division of 2020 REI will just be one more reason for real estate investors to come to our one-stop shop. We make it easy.”

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