2019 LE FESTIVAL DE MODE DE TOUTIAO Held, Highlighting Chinese Fashion Trends to the World

The 2019 LE FESTIVAL DE MODE DE TOUTIAO named by BESTUNE has been officially held in Beijing on Nov. 28. The theme of this fashion festival is "Fashion has no Time Limit", which advocates fashion has nothing to do with age. It is a positive attitude and lifestyle. The activity content is not limited to clothing and beauty, but also covers media, short video, live broadcast, travel, fashion items and other elements. It expands the "fashion" dimension and provides users with richer fashion options.

Interaction to Deepen Fashion Experience

There are not only the stars competing for splendor but also the T77 brought by BESTUNE. It has become the focus of young people's attention with its unique shape, fashionable appearance and extraordinary intelligent technology. Every star and Internet celebrity on the red carpet took photos with them. In a word, T77 became the highlight of the whole red carpet show.

Outside the show were "TOUTIAO Fashion Office" and "Beauty and Make-up House". The audience took photos at the scene to experience the feeling of being a fashion editor of today's headlines, or tried the high-end beauty products brought by major brands, and planted their own annual favorite items.

TOUTIAO Let Fashion Go Deep into Life

The highlight of this fashion festival also includes the fashion single award announced by Hong Fei, the General Manager of TOUTIAO content ecology on the spot. BESTUNE T77 won the most fashionable design model award at this fashion festival. Yang Dayong, the Vice General Manager of BESTUNE mentioned in his speech that the current cultural confidence and great power confidence make the quality of domestic brands better and better, and the user experience better and better. The national culture in the products is also increasingly able to awaken the user's feelings, and the user is no longer stuck to big brands; what they now buy is not the appeal of the brand, but the recognition of the product quality. The shopping characteristics of paying for quality goods also provide a great opportunity for domestic brands to make the national trend at the right time.

Chinese Fashion Trends Go to the World

2019 LE FESTIVAL DE MODE DE TOUTIAO changes the ordinary ceremony mode and integrates fashion into every scene of life in an interactive way so that the audience can fully enjoy the appeal of fashion. It broadens the concept of "fashion" and goes deep into every daily space to create the most popular products and contents for users.

In addition, 2019 LE FESTIVAL DE MODE DE TOUTIAO promotes Chinese fashion overseas. The electronic screen advertisements that can be seen everywhere in the streets of Cannes have attracted the attention of countless foreigners, made overseas audiences directly feel the Chinese fashion, appreciate the trend of Chinese fashion, perceive the charm of Chinese culture, leverage the world influence of Chinese fashion, and let Chinese fashion go overseas and spread the world. In particular, the participation of BESTUNE makes the fashion ceremony more diversified and promotes the vitality of China’s fashion trend.



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