2018 Global Cord Blood Banking Industry Report

Market Size, Segments, Storage Rates, Utilization, and Projections Through 2022

Global Cord Blood Banking Industry Report

​​​​​BioInformant, the first and only market research firm to specialize in the stem cell industry, announces the release of its “2018 Global Cord Blood Banking Industry Report.” The 265-page report reveals key forces affecting the industry, presenting trend rate data for cord blood and tissue clinical trials, patents, grants, and scientific publications. It reveals public and private storage counts for cord blood and tissue on a global basis, as well as market size metrics for the public and private sectors, with five-year projections through 2022.

Over the past few years, the cord blood banking industry has substantially matured and consolidated, creating both threats and opportunities for the industry. Serious threats to the industry include low rates of utilization for stored cord blood, expensive cord blood transplantation procedures, difficulty educating obstetricians about cellular therapies, and an increasing trend toward industry consolidation.

The cord blood market is global in nature and understanding dynamics limited to your region is not sufficient for making strategic, informed, and profitable decisions.

Cade Hildreth, President/CEO of BioInformant

However, there are also emerging opportunities for the industry, such as accelerated regulatory pathways for cell therapies in leading countries worldwide, including the U.S., Japan, South Korea, and EU. Cord blood banks are also diversifying into new types of stem cell storage, including cord tissue, placental tissue, amniotic tissue, menstrual fluid, adipose tissue, and more.

With the introduction of these new types of stem cell services, cord blood storage counts are becoming an outdated metric and “Revenue Generating Units” (RGUs) is becoming a more appropriate term.

Holding companies are also emerging as a global theme, allowing for increased operational efficiency and economy of scale. Cryoholdco has been acquiring cord blood banks throughout Latin America and Sanpower Group has been purchasing them within Asia.

Furthermore, growing investment is flowing into technologies to support ex vivo expansion of cord blood. Key strategies being explored for this purpose include nicotinamide-mediated (NAM) expansion, Notch ligand, SR-1, UM171, PGE2, and enforced fucosylation, among others. Market players developing cord blood expansion technologies include Gamida Cell Ltd, Nohla Therapeutics, Novartis, Fate Therapeutics, and others.

While market factors can vary by geography, it is crucial to have a global understanding of the market. Research advances, clinical trial findings, and technology advances do not know international boundaries. The cord blood market is global in nature and understanding dynamics limited to your region is not sufficient for making strategic, informed, and profitable decisions.

Finally, the report presents social analytics for the industry, including Google Trend and Google Adwords data. It identifies top landing pages and ad copy language used by cord blood industry leaders, allowing readers to get a behind the scenes look at marketing strategies used by their competition to attract new clients. Digital competition for cord blood has been growing increasingly competitive, with cord blood banks competing for online viewership of ads, website content, and ultimately, clients.

Because most cord blood banks are using Google Adwords to display advertisements, the term “cord blood” has become one of the 20 most expensive search terms on Google.

Based in Washington, DC, BioInformant has 10 years of experience in tracking the cord blood banking industry, attends and chairs global conferences about cord blood and perinatal tissues, and is a thought-leader interviewed by media sources that include the Wall Street Journal, AABB, Xconomy, and Vogue Magazine. The report aggregates finding from a decade of historical data, as well as hundreds of interviews conducted with leading executives from across the stem cell and cord blood industry.

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