2017 - a Record Year for CIMCON Lighting

CIMCON Lighting, the leading global provider of Intelligent Lighting Controls and Smart City technologies, announced that it finished 2017 with record growth across all areas of the company, including customer deployments, new employees, capital investment, innovative product introductions and industry recognition.

During the year, the company increased its global footprint to over 20 countries including Japan, Guatemala, Nigeria, Israel and Poland. CIMCON completed multiple large-scale strategic projects, including the installation of 35,000 intelligent streetlight controls for the Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS), and 43,000 intelligent streetlighting controls for the City of Halifax, Nova Scotia as part of the City’s LED streetlight conversion project.

In May 2017, the company announced a $15 million Series B funding round led by Energy Impact Partners (EIP), a collaborative venture capital firm that counts leading utilities as limited partners. The investment has been used to support CIMCON’s channel partners, accelerate the development and deployment of the company’s Smart City product portfolio and double the size of the company’s global sales and technical support staff.

2017 also saw many new hardware and software product introductions by the company. Most notably was the introduction of the CIMCON NearSky™ platform which brings the “Internet of Outdoor Things” to a city by enabling a variety of Smart City devices, sensors and smartphone apps to help deliver on the promise of a Smart City.

The CIMCON NearSky™ platform coupled with the CIMCON NearSky 360 sensor hub provides a sturdy, scalable landing platform for data from sensors, controls and devices on or near any streetlight pole. CIMCON’s NearSky Vue information hub also enables a city to easily collect, aggregate, visualize and understand data from a wide range of instrumented assets.

CIMCON added to its smartphone application portfolio with the introduction of several safety apps, including a Blue Light App for college and business campuses, and a Park Safety app to provide emergency assistance when needed through the simple activation of a button. A First Responder app was also introduced to allow First Responder professionals to bring streetlights up to full illumination if needed when responding to an emergency.

CIMCON was also recognized by Business Insider as the 6th hottest enterprise startup of 2017.

“2017 has been a very positive year for CIMCON Lighting,” said Anil Agrawal, CEO. “Our growth has established a solid foundation that we will continue to build upon in 2018, including additional new innovative product introductions, the launch of a managed services business and continued global expansion.”

About CIMCON Lighting, Inc.

With a heritage of over 25 years of innovation and experience in industrial automation and outdoor wireless applications, CIMCON Lighting is the world’s leading provider of scalable, intelligent wireless outdoor lighting management solutions for traditional, LED and solar-based street lights along with a variety of Smart City devices and applications. Focused on offering solutions that provide the lowest “Lifecycle Cost of Ownership,” CIMCON provides hardware and software technologies that allow Cities and Utilities to monitor, maintain and in many cases, monetize their lighting assets and other devices on or near the light pole. CIMCON’s “Just in Time Lighting™,” reduces energy, maintenance and repair costs while improving the quality of lighting services and enabling the path to a Smart City. CIMCON’s lighting management solutions are appropriate for roadways, parking lots and parking garages, corporate and university campuses and a variety of industrial applications. For more information please visit www.cimconlighting.com.

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