2015 Break Out Year for Desktop virtualization

In 1995, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison came up with a brilliant and innovative idea, the Network Computer (NC), a new computing device that would access data and applications online (e.g. in “the cloud”) instead of using a hard drive and installed applications on the device itself.  The idea was to weaken Microsoft’s dominance of operating systems and applications on every computing device.  Like many game changing ideas, this innovation was a bit ahead of its time and the available technology.  The networking infrastructure and necessary software were not fast or mature enough to support the NC devices and so these new PC and Windows replacement products did not gain traction and subsequently fizzled.  Fast forward 20 years ahead and one will see a new version of the NC, now known as a thin client, in corporate offices, schools, and retail locations, although most people may see these devices as PCs.  The difference is that these devices do not have all the hardware and software as a PC, and use the cloud to access data and applications. This is called desktop virtualization, where the computing power is not on the actual device itself, but “in the cloud” on a more powerful server computer.  This is very similar to an energy company, where energy is generated at a central power plant and delivered to homes over the grid. In desktop virtualization, computing power is centrally “generated” and delivered to desktops over the network. Today, the technology has caught up with Ellison’s idea of a Network Computer and also the advantages are now more compelling.

Desktop virtualization is now beginning to take off because the needed infrastructure, high-speed networks, virtualization software, and cloud computing are readily and widely available.  Additionally, the economic benefits from implementing virtualized desktops can be easily realized, as companies are able to achieve IT cost savings through centralized management and administration of desktop computing, energy savings as thin clients consume less power and generate less heat, and CAPEX savings from lower-cost thin client devices.  Besides financial advantages, security benefits are achieved as well, with data protected behind the firewall, endpoint devices less vulnerable to hacks and viruses, and overall reduction of the IT surface area that is exposed to hacks and vulnerabilities.

With the growth in desktop virtualization, there is a huge opportunity as the technology is on its way to become a mainstream, everyday technology.  The potential for desktop virtualization is as large as the PC market itself.  In order to go mainstream, this technology solution needs to become less complicated and less expensive to deploy.  The desktop virtualization landscape has several technologies, hardware and software products that make its initial implementation complex and costly.  What will push virtualized desktops over the tipping point are the technology providers that will consolidate and integrate the various desktop virtualization components into an easy to deploy and affordable turn-key solution.

Desktop virtualization is a fast-paced and exciting technology with a projected 60 million installation base in 2015 per Gartner and Cisco research with strong opportunity in the midmarket companies.  Going forward, this technology will become a standard practice to provide desktop computing to organizations of all sizes and industries.  At Thinspace Technology, we are developing the necessary innovation and product integration to build a strong foundation for this high-growth area and become a major player in this space.  We understand what will increase the adoption of this technology and are working to make this happen by developing the best-engineered, integrated, and complete solution.  Without question, desktop virtualization is growing and Thinspace Technology will continue to help grow and be a part of this technology evolution and opportunity.

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