200,000 YouTube Views for the Comedy Series About Independent Filmmaking "Behind the Blinds Aka Filmmaking 101"

The 1st six episodes released on the "Behind the Blinds aka Filmmaking 101" YouTube Channel (https://www.youtube.com/c/ASCAFilmsChannel) have rapidly collected over 200,000 views and become viral among film professionals.

"Behind the Blinds aka Filmmaking 101"  is the first scripted series about independent filmmaking. It has an admixture of refined sexuality with an original multi-level humor preserved in the series from the original script the way it was conceived by the writer.

The comedy series was shot by an international team of filmmakers following the original script written by the French-born producer Charles Ancelle.

“I was very fortunate to have my producing partner, Anna Skrypka, on the team to make the series happen, as well as our director/editor Adrian Morales Ramos. I feel like the three of us really kept the soul of the series intact from the original idea I had when I pitched the project to them.” says Ancelle.

Ancelle followed “Behind the Blinds” from figuring out the details of the shoot, to the general look of the series, casting and editing.

Sharon Spence, actress (Crash, In-Sequrity): What I loved the most about the film is all the different levels of humor. It has very broad and obvious jokes but then small quiet moments that kept happening between the actors and between the scenes. And the humor that each actor has found for different scenes – it was just yummy to me!”

The remaining two episodes of the first season will be playing on YouTube every Thursday over the month. The second season is planned for shooting this fall. Viewers are encouraged to subscribe to the channel to follow the story.

Though the comedy series was shot specifically for broadcasting on YouTube, the film producers are considering other distribution channels for the episodes.

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About “Behind the Blinds aka Filmmaking 101”

The main characters of the comedy series are mobsters who need to launder money.  They chose to make a film using a manual from the net, and get to see what filmmaking is about.

ASCA Films, a Los Angeles-based film and TV production company, produces the comedy. Among the members of its international team are award-winning Ukrainian producer Anna Skrypka, French director and producer Charles Ancelle, and Spanish editor Adrian Morales Ramos.

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