2 Female Writers Flip the Script on Rape Jokes

Trixze Smith and Whitney St. Ours, comedy duo and creators of the web series "That's My Time" released their 4th episode "The Rape Joke" on Vimeo.com. As female writers Smith & St. Ours take a unique stance on the much debated subject of rape jokes, to humorous affect.

​Lady comedy duo and creators of the web series That’s My Time Trixze Smith & Whitney St. Ours are raising eyebrows with their 4th episode The Rape Joke which was released on the That’s My Time Vimeo Channel. The two female writers break the mold by approving material that numerous male comics have been attacked for performing- namely, rape jokes.

The premise of the episode is this: a comic tells a rape joke and a female audience member 'doesn't get it'. But the sketch offers that this comedians crime isn't the content of his material- instead it is assuming that a woman "can't take a joke". As for being feminist- St. Ours explains, "We aren't promoting anyone else’s agenda, we are being ourselves. Ourselves happens to be 2 gals who will laugh at a well told rape joke.”  Smith and St. Ours share between them experience and training in casting, improvisation, sketch writing, acting, directing, and stand-up. Their individual backgrounds plus unique female perspective equals laughter. 

"When I read the script I felt comedians Joseph Vescey and Ruhbin Mehta meant that between every take belly laughs erupted from cast and crew."

Kim Rios Lin, Actor

That’s My Time boasts the involvement of numerous NYC comedians including Anthony DeVito (This American Life), Jordan Rock (Ladies and Gentleman, Jordan Rock), James Mattern (Sirius XM Radio), and was shot entirely on location at EastVille Comedy Club- a location that has been used by The Jim Gaffigan Show and Louie. 

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