1U Rackmount Monitor-Keyboard Drawer Has Short Depth

WALNUT, CA March 14, 2011 - Acnodes Corp., has introduced a new line of short-depth industrial-grade 1U rackmount monitor-keyboard drawers

Only 16-inches deep, the new Acnodes KD9250 is designed to fit into almost any portable rack as well as any 19-inch standard rack cabinets.

Like the KD9250, the KD9258 is also 16-inches deep yet incorporates a built-in 8-port KVM switch. A third model with 16-port built-in KVM is sold by special order only.

The KD9250 is engineered around a 250-nit, 15.6-inch diagonal TFT LCD display that delivers 1280x768 resolution with a 500-to-1 contrast ratio and 8 millisecond response time. The screen displays a full 16.7 million colors. Screen life is 50,000 hours. On-Screen-Controls include brightness, contrast, position (vertical and horizontal), auto adjust, OSD horizontal and vertical position, and load and save values.

The keyboard is of the 86-key notebook-type and is compatible with almost any computer including SUN, HP, IBM, Dell, even iMAC. Mounted just to the keyboard's right is integrated two-button touchpad.

The unit comes with a proprietary 6-foot-longer cables that attach to a computer's video through standard 15-pin DB and attaches to the keyboard and touchpad via PS/2s. Cables with USB keyboard and mouse interfaces are available. Longer cables are available by special order.

The KD9250 is made of heavy-duty steel yet weighs only 20 pounds including its built-in power supply. The keyboard and display are on integrated slide rails and pull out like a drawer. The screen can be tilted up to 90 degrees. The unit is CE approved and RoHS compliant. The unit carries a one-year parts and labor ship-back warranty.

With its low $745.00 price tag, the KD9250 is competitively priced. It can be an affordable addition to anyone who needs a server or workstation with rackmount durability and space-saving portability.

Most of our commercial and industrial computers are custom built to your exact requirements. So please feel free to contact us via e-mail or telephone to discover how we can give you the equipment you need for your specific needs.

For more information on these products call (909) 598-7388 or visit the Acnodes website at www.acnodes.com.