1STEIN Launches HTML5 Online Designer for Photo Books and Printed Gifts

The new Online Editor extends the speed & flexibility of a desktop DTP application with the convenience of online editing through HTML5.


The photo book and personalized print product market has experienced immense growth in the past years. In 2006, KODAK entered this market by partnering with 1STEIN to develop a DTP application focused on photo books and printed photo gifts. 1STEIN is specialized on image editing and photo albums in products like CodedColor PhotoStudio. In 2015, 1STEIN extended the Desktop Publisher with a Macintosh version and a Storefront & Backoffice production system. The company has now finalized the software suite with an Online Photo Book Designer (more info: http://www.3p-publisher.com/index.php/online-photo-book-creator-designer-editor.html) in HTML5, thus covering the whole web-to-print workflow with a boxed solution.

The 3P Online Designer is equivalent in features to the 3P Desktop Publisher, except that it runs inside a HTML5 capable browser and needs no installation on the client side. It uses the same templates, layouts and product definitions as the desktop version, is easy to install and requires no extra database on the server. These features make it unique in the photobook print business (more info: http://www.3p-publisher.com/index.php/photobook-print-gift-editor-business-solution.html) regarding speed, feature richness, stability and exceptionally low maintenance costs. The print provider can connect the 3P Online Designer to his existing CRM and production backend, or run it together with the 3P OpenCart Shop & Backoffice.

The workflow starts with the design of a print product through predefined product templates in the 3P Online Designer. The project is stored in the project manager and can be reedited any time. A separate image upload utility allows the consumer to upload batches of images in the background while working on his book project. After upload of the finished photo book, the consumer is routed to the 3P Storefront, where he can overlook his order and pay via integrated payment providers. Several payment gateways are already available, and others can be added with ease. Payment then triggers the production workflow for printing, finishing and delivery in the 3P Backoffice.

3P photo books and print products cannot be processed by any other printer or photo lab. All client files are password protected, and since fulfilled orders can only be reordered in the printer's own store, 3P ensures a high level of customer binding. Statistics reveal, that approximately 75% of photo book purchasers are likely to return, leading to an expanding customer base for the printer, photo lab or online photo book retailer.

Summary: The 3P photobook publishing solution has 3 major components: an award winning Desktop Publisher for PCs, a new platform independent Online Designer for HTML5 capable browsers, and a robust and flexible Storefront & Backoffice production system. The new Online Designer is one of the fastest and feature richest applications of its kind on the web2print market. It combines the product flexibility and editing speed of the Desktop Publisher with the convenience of online editing through means of HTML5 technology. The 3P suite allows printers to take part in a growing market and support investments in digital press and finishing equipment. The components are designed to guarantee a low cost route-to-market and high customer loyalty. Printers have full control over their printing business, using integrated content and customer management tools. They can create their own brands, product portfolios and software installers using the 3P Template Designer and the 3P Setup Wizard, eliminating the need to pay for additional services. The 3P Online Designer is the new feature-rich flagship component of the suite.

About 1STEIN

1STEIN is a leading image editing and photo book service provider, offering a wide range of software solutions for photographers, designers, printers, labs and photo stores.


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