1st Genesis Discovered To Be Scientifically Complete Now That the Age of the Universe Is Confirme

The First Chapter in the Bible Has Now Been Verified to Be the Only Ancient Human Record That Is Cosmologically and Astronomically Accurate

Often when something seems too good to be true, it normally is. Yet, this time, what seems too good to be true is the absolute truth.

Using etymological breakdowns for the original Semitic language along with detailed analyses of the latest astronomical discoveries in this decade and over 1000 references from global academic resources and technical institutions such as NASA, Jet Propulsion Lab, European Space Agency, and hundreds of other accredited scientific sources, this new book from the New Genesis Book Series has proven that the first chapter of Genesis is the first scientific document in the history of all literature.

"This cosmological work has proven that 1st Genesis is truly mankind's very first scientific record ... even before the Sumerian legends. Its science is so complete and accurate that it can now be legally taught in public schools," stated e-book publisher Dave Kelly.

David R. Kelly, Publisher

This three-volume scientific book called First Genesis Complete has outlined the details proving that Genesis is the first scientific record in human history. The 1600-page treatise contains the most recent discoveries in cosmology over the last two decades and proves that the science contained in Genesis chapter one is a fact. Evolutionists and astrophysicists have proven together that: (1) The formation of this universe has been correctly recorded in Genesis in its exact scientific and sequential order and (2) Genesis chapter one was written, for the most part, scientifically accurate thousands and thousands of years ago.

Step by step, this new book uncovers numerous details that were previously overlooked. It also adds new scientific understanding while providing lengthy, substantiating evidences for proving the cosmic events in the formation of this universe were accurately categorized and summarized in the thirty-one verses of Genesis chapter one; thus offering that (3) The first record of the universe as found in First Genesis is, in fact, the world's first science.

First Genesis … Complete (Volumes I, II and III) contains the complex scientific time lines, updated expert references, charts, diagrams, pictures, and all the scientific figures, computations, and formulations pertaining to the mathematical relationship between Genesis and science. Yet, this data has been reproduced in the New Genesis Book Series so as to be understandable to the average reader.

The New Genesis Book Series creates a broad platform in which the largest e-book, First Genesis … Complete, has been proportioned into fourteen smaller books that are varied to a reader's interests and perceptive abilities and all books are available exclusively at Amazon.com. (Paperback and hardback editions of the books in this new series will be released later this year.)

The entire New Genesis Book Series is published by the First Genesis Foundation, a limited liability company in Nashville, Tennessee.

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