1SG Launches on BitMart, P2PB2B and OEX Exchange

Since the launch on 1st of January 2019, 1SG has already secured listings on four renowned cryptocurrency exchanges, amongst which include Kryptono Exchange and TOP.ONE. As of 18 January 2019, 1SG has also been listed on BitMart, P2PB2B and OEX Exchange to increase the liquidity and access to the token.

With great plans of expansion ahead, 1SG’s listing on these three exchanges will guarantee direct access to the latest developments of the digital asset trade, making it right on its way to becoming a world-class digital asset.

BitMart ranks in the top 20 exchange on Coinmarketcap with a total trading volume that has exceeded $2 Billion USD since its launch two years back. With global connections to three of the world’s largest cryptocurrency markets such as the United States of America, South Korea and China, BitMart offers its crypto-to-crypto trading services as a medium to an unparalleled range of audience, boasting approximately 500,000 users on its platform across 180 countries worldwide.

P2PB2B tagline promises a “trustworthy partner in the world of cryptocurrency trading” and demonstrates it through their unprecedented processing speed, tight security measures and a well-developed referral program. Its unique support of USD fiat deposits is what stands out the most. This acceptance allows many of its current listings to be paired with the legal tender including 1SG.

OEX is an international exchange based in Singapore with over 45 different tokens/coins and 5 stable coin trading zones. Its main market is Korea, Vietnam, China and Singapore. OEX ranks as the top 20 exchange on CoinMarketCap and offers trading pairs with daily trading volume of $180 Million USD. OEX has also established a Customer First Policy with a preemptive payment mechanism to ensure customer funds are processed properly and an Investor Protection Fund to provide safety and transparency for the investor.

1SG is working closely with all exchange partners to bring forth the best cryptocurrency trading experience and bridge the gap between mainstream investing and also modern cryptocurrency trading.

About 1SG:

1SG is a stablecoin issued by the Mars Blockchain Group which overcomes the problems of today’s cryptocurrencies, while providing open, transparent, efficient KYC/AML process. With the key features of stable value and high liquidity, Mars Blockchain is a start-up committed to becoming a leading stable coin in global cryptocurrency market. 1SG circumvents the volatility of other major cryptocurrencies by maintaining a fixed peg to $1 SGD through financial markets.

Source: Mars Blockchain Pte Ltd


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