1nHealth Launches Site Advisory Board to Prioritize Site Voice

The digital patient recruitment company tapped industry experts to monitor and provide feedback to best optimize its ability to serve study sites.

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 Today, 1nHealth launched its Site Advisory Board, a consortium of research site owner-operators brought together to advise 1nHealth's recruitment efforts and technology development. The board will assist 1nHealth in executing on its goal of reducing site burden for 1nHealth's sponsor clients and their studies. 

The board will periodically review 1nHealth's patient recruitment initiatives and 1nData, 1nHealth's technology platform, and offer constructive feedback and direction based on their professional experience. Their purpose is to ensure that recruitment challenges are being addressed proactively and that enacted solutions effectively reduce burden for both trial sites and patients. 

"This is an important step in making sure 1nHealth is doing everything we can to hold ourselves to a higher standard," said Steve Wimmer, Vice President of Partnerships at 1nHealth and site board organizer. "Simply put, if we're not serving sites well, we're not doing our job." 

The members of the Site Advisory Board are Brad Hightower of Hightower Clinical, Dr. Tania Alidina of Oviedo Medical Research, Scott Whitt of Triad Clinical Research and Dr. Lovie Negrin of Randomize Now. 1nHealth has selected these members based on their diverse backgrounds and extensive expertise as site-level operators. 

"I joined 1nHealth's Site Advisory Board because I have a profound interest in contributing to better alignment between all the stakeholders in the clinical trial process," said Brad Hightower, board member and CEO of Hightower Clinical and showrunner of podcast Note to File, a podcast for clinical research sites. "This works best when everyone has a seat at the table." 

As a digital patient recruitment company, 1nHealth exists to help fill clinical research studies. The company provides recruitment services by using digital channels to identify, reach, and connect patients to relevant research opportunities.  

"We take pride in providing class-leading enrollment outcomes for Sponsors and exceptional experiences for patients," said Dan Brenner, CEO of 1nHealth. "However, sites are often overlooked in the clinical trial ecosystem; this will be an important step to ensure their voice is heard across our recruitment efforts and technology solutions." 

Sponsors will begin to see deployment of the Site Advisor Board's feedback on 1nHealth studies in Q2 2023. 

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1nHealth fills studies through a simple philosophy: Don't waste the power of the internet. The company uses digital channel mix, technology-activated processes, and patient-focused creative to bring clinical research opportunities to the right patients. To learn more, visit www.1nHealth.com.


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