1degreenorth Partners With National Supercomputing Center Singapore to Prototype a High Performance Big Data Analytics Infrastructure

1degreenorth and Numascale to build on-demand big data analytics infrastructure with BlueData providing R, Hadoop, Spark, and analytics databases MonetDB and Neo4j in build.

1degreenorth Pte Ltd is pleased to announce that it has entered into a one-year MOU with the National Supercomputing Center (NSCC) Singapore to prototype an on-demand High Performance Computing Big Data Analytics (“HPC-BDA”) infrastructure for experimentation and proof-of-concept projects by the big data and data science community in Singapore.

This HPC-BDA infrastructure will sit on NSCC’s new 1PetaFlop High Performance Computing (HPC) Cluster with more than 30,000 cores and 10PB of high performance storage. The system will offer a self-service web portal allowing users to easily self-provision Hadoop and Spark clusters, analytical databases such as Neo4J graph databases and MonetDB column-store databases, and analytics tools such as R, Python and Julia on-demand in a multi-tenant private cloud environment for big data.

“We are pleased to partner with NSCC to enable the Singapore ecosystem and bring together our decades of experience in HPC, cloud and analytics into a single coherent platform,” said Laurence Liew, founder at 1degreenorth. “Combining HPC clusters, cloud paradigms and big data analytics software will provide our users a dynamic, scalable and yet cost-effective platform to experiment, prototype and prove out their use-cases before investing further in their own infrastructure.”

“We are excited to be part of this project by providing Numascale’s expertise in HPC and in-memory analytics and deploying our end-to-end Internet-of-Things (IoT) framework into HPC-BDA,” said Morten Toverud, CEO, Numascale AS. “We have developed an innovative IoT framework for Smart Cities/Smart Factories in Singapore and we look forward to working with 1degreenorth and NSCC to accelerate Singapore’s Smart Nation initiatives.”

“We are honored to be working with 1degreenorth and NSCC to provide our BlueData EPIC software platform for the HPC-BDA system,” said Kumar Sreekanti, CEO and co-founder, BlueData. “We are on a mission to simply and streamline big data, enabling a cloud-like experience for on-premises Hadoop and Spark deployments. The NSCC’s HPC cluster, powered by BlueData’s software platform, will deliver high-performance analytics in a Big-Data-as-a-Service solution for organizations in Singapore.”

MonetDB is designed for high-performance analytical workloads and is a perfect fit to NSCC’s HPC systems. We are pleased to partner with Numascale and 1degreenorth to bring our column-store database technology into Singapore,” said Martin Kersten, co-founder and CEO of MonetDB Solutions.

"We are excited to be a technology partner of 1degreenorth and to provide Neo4j in the HPC-BDA platform," said Emil Eifrem, CEO of Neo Technology and co-founder of the Neo4j project. "Combining the flexibility of Neo4j with the high-performance HPC infrastructure in NSCC is bound to produce amazing projects out of Singapore, and we are looking forward to seeing those flourish."

RStudio looks forward to working with 1degreenorth to equip the HPC-BDA environment with RStudio Server Pro and Shiny Server Pro. The NSCC’s HPC cluster is meant to create a powerful platform for R-based data science work and the team at RStudio is excited to help it be successful,” said Tareef Kawaf, President of RStudio Inc.

This initiative will launch in Q1 2016 and will target Singapore-based companies and government agencies that are looking to start a proof-of-concept (POC) using big data analytics, but are not ready to acquire their own system or are not able to run such a POC in a public cloud environment due to security, performance, or data movement considerations. The HPC-BDA system provides for a secure, multi-tenant private cloud environment for Hadoop and Spark running on the NSCC’s supercomputers. 1degreenorth and Numascale will provide expertise and services to onboard companies in the use of the system including data science best practices, consultancy and training. 

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