180byTwo Partners With SummitSync to Launch Programmatic Capabilities

New offering is powered by 180byTwo's AccountLink to provide a 360-degree view of prospects

180byTwo and SummitSync finally announce their partnership. SummitSync, the meeting automation platform powered by artificial intelligence, today announced a partnership with 180byTwo to help brands further increase their ROI from the single largest line item in most B2B marketing budgets: conferences and trade shows. SummitSync will combine its conference and trade show intelligence with 180byTwo’s next-generation B2B digital audience activation and management services.

SummitSync’s core technology syncs with Salesforce, email and calendars to schedule, track and manage more meetings and provides a 3x average increase in face-to-face engagements during conferences and trade shows. The new partnership combines SummitSync’s proprietary A.I. for targeting event attendance with 180byTwo’s AccountLink technology to identify and activate those audiences across digital channels. With the new offering, event marketers will now have the ability to execute programmatic marketing strategies without micro-audience limitations and the waste associated with typical event-based audience marketing.

“The partnership is mutually beneficial,” said Ben Goldman, chief revenue officer at 180byTwo. “By working with SummitSync, we can not only show how our ABM solutions help marketers improve event budget ROI, but we can also keep the relationship going to improve post-event marketing, close more deals and keep their brands top of mind throughout the sales funnel. 180byTwo’s core mission is to create and manage the highest quality B2B audiences so brands can reach the right professionals for each campaign goal. We love this partnership.”

180byTwo's hyper-accurate Audience Solutions are collected from the industry’s premier data sources. Leveraging data science and campaign insights, audiences are built based on client objectives to ensure precision and optimal performance. 180byTwo’s account-based marketing is the industry’s only location-based ABM targeting solution, covering more than three million active business locations. 

“This partnership lets our clients leverage our unique real-time data in the conference and trade show industry to expand their marketing capabilities targeting their key prospects to book more sales meetings,” said Al Torres, president and co-founder, SummitSync. “Programmatic technology is a key component to any successful marketing strategy, and together with 180byTwo, we are enabling our clients to execute on a more comprehensive event marketing plan to drive greater ROI, a key feature that our growing customer base has requested, and 180byTwo has allowed us to quickly bring to market.” 

About SummitSync

​​SummitSync helps create more successful meetings and proves that the value of pre-booked sales meetings at conferences and trade shows can be measured. SummitSync does this by helping you identify prospects to target, integrating with Salesforce and cloud calendars to automatically sync meeting updates and notes, and validating trade show ROI. SummitSync is also the only platform that offers seamless text message notifications for sales teams to use to confirm meetings and upload notes in real-time, which are also synced to Salesforce, creating ease for the sales personnel to recap their meeting activity. SummitSync, based in New York, New York is the #1 U.S.-based meeting automation platform. For more information, please visit: www.summitsync.com

About 180byTwo

180byTwo is an industry leader in global audience solutions: leveraging multi-sourced offline, online, mobile, location, signal, proximity and various other data points across industry verticals designed to help marketers and platforms more efficiently and effectively target businesses, consumers and professionals across channels and devices wherever they are. 180byTwo works with thousands of clients and partners around the globe to provide best in class solutions and services so that they can make the most informed decisions through data to drive ROI. For more information, visit 180bytwo.com.


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