180byTwo Launches eCHO: B2B Intent Data at the Company Location Level


180byTwo, the leader in B2B Audience Solutions today announced the launch of eCHO, the industries first true cross channel location based B2B Intent solution. Powered by billions of Buying Intent Signals, Precise Location Intelligence, and advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI), this solution enables B2B and ABM Marketers to more accurately identify and activate customer and prospect accounts when there is genuine buying intent, allowing for more targeted sales and marketing campaigns across channels.

Users of this new solution will be able to identify and target accounts and decision makers when they are most interested in the products and services you offer. eCHO addresses a major pain point marketing and sales teams have struggled with -- identifying accounts, gaining actionable marketing, sales, and competitive insights; and activating them seamlessly across channels. eCHO is the industries first cross channel B2B Intent solution designed specifically to unify sales and marketing teams efforts as they strive to drive greater returns through Account Based Marketing (ABM) programs.

180byTwo's proprietary technology ingests more than 50 billion daily web signals, storing more than half a million keywords, along with 20 billion daily location signals on 220 plus million MAU’s ranking and scoring more than 250 thousand US companies to find the right target accounts and contacts. eCHO utilizes billions of streaming signals, natural language processing, pattern recognition, combined with one of the industries most comprehensive compiled business listing databases alongside advanced predictive analytics driven by machines; allowing customers to identify accounts at the decision making unit level, at the right time and location where the likelihood to close is the highest, on the largest deals and with the shortest sales cycle. 180byTwo’s solution leverages data such as billions of streaming web signals, raw location and proximity signals from SDK’s/Beacons/Wifi networks, IP intelligence, technographics, firmographics, titles, functions, and past purchase data. eCHO continually learns and enriches company location records with intent topics, categories, and propensity scores.

"Marketing and Sales teams are spending massive amounts of time and resources to align their B2B and ABM marketing initiatives. The biggest challenge we hear about most frequently is around the lack of data portability across the sales and marketing stacks," says Eric Shaffer, CEO and Co-founder at 180byTwo. Most solutions out there are are limited in scope requiring that you work with multiple vendors who don't necessarily work well together, nor integrated with your technology stack. "This is where 180byTwo’s eCHO B2B Intent offering is going to make a huge difference for Marketing and Sales teams by providing a comprehensive B2B and ABM data solution across the enterprise."

180byTwo’s eCHO Intent Data will be available Monday, March 4, 2019, through 180byTwo, and eCHO B2B Intent Audiences will be available March 24 via the Liveramp Datastore, Oracle Data Cloud, Lotame Data Exchange, Pushspring Marketplace, theTradeDesk, and all other programmatic buying platforms. For more information, please contact connect@180bytwo.com.

About 180byTwo

180byTwo is an industry leader in global audience solutions: leveraging multi-sourced offline, online, mobile, location, signal, proximity and various other data points across industry verticals designed to help marketers and platforms more efficiently and effectively target businesses, consumers and professionals across channels and devices wherever they are. 180byTwo works with thousands of clients and partners around the globe to provide best-in-class solutions and services so that they can make the most informed decisions through data to drive ROI.

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