180byTwo Announces New Collaboration With DemystData

180byTwo Announces New Collaboration Integrating Its Quality Data Into DemystData Exchange

180byTwo, a leading Data-as-a-Service company, is excited to announce a partnership with DemystData, a leading external Data-as-a-Service platform that helps clients discover, access, and test hundreds of data products. The partnership will enable DemystData to integrate 180byTwo’s AI-driven data solutions into the already-growing repository of over 500 data products – empowering B2B marketing and sales teams to power data-driven programs.  

Through 180byTwo’s Unifi APIs, customers of the DemystData external Data-as-a-Service platform (EDaaS) can test and purchase 180byTwo’s highly accurate and AI-powered data offerings. Demyst’s EDaaS offering combines concierge data recommendations, first-party data job enrichment, and the merging name-brand data products into a single view that enables users of the platform to deliver data directly into a wide variety of enterprise systems globally. 

With 180byTwo, as a provider within Demyst’s infrastructure, clients can combine powerful B2B and B2C solutions — without having to establish and grow a dedicated external data management function. Demyst has demonstrated great success working closely with its clients by not focusing on being just another pure SaaS, AI tools, raw data or consultancy provider. They instead have focused on the actual outcomes clients are seeking, by having access to an order of magnitude more data.

“Becoming a provider on the Dymst Data Exchange is an exciting opportunity for us here at 180byTwo,” said Eric Shaffer, CEO of 180byTwo. “With DemystData being a significant player in the data space, along with their strategic focus on bringing innovative data solutions to their clients, 180byTwo’s DaaS products such as AccountLink, eCHO, and Xplorer felt like perfect additions to their marketplace and, more importantly, the partnership adds tremendous value to the broader data ecosystem.”

“The combination of 180byTwo’s renowned AI-powered solutions combined with Demyst’s constantly growing collection of external data products will allow data-driven organizations to discover the even more predictive attributes and ultimately harness more data for their marketing use cases,” said Adam R. Fisher, SVP of DemystData. 

About 180byTwo

180byTwo is an industry-leading Business-to-Business (B2B) and Account-Based Marketing (ABM) solutions provider. Savvy B2B brands and progressive marketers worldwide such as IBM, T-Mobile, SAP, Informa, and others use 180byTwo to drive their strategy and maximize marketing ROI. 180byTwo’s suite of artificial intelligence-powered data and software solutions provides marketers with the tools and expertise needed to orchestrate omni-channel programs seamlessly. 180bytwo.com

About DemystData

Demyst is a leading External Data as a Service (EDaaS) platform that data-driven organizations rely on to handle external data discovery, testing, and all the operational requirements of ingestion. Demyst manages the largest collection of consumer, business, and property data products in the world to help clients solve key use cases around marketing, digital on-boarding, risk management, and back-office use cases. Demyst has offices in New York, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Melbourne. 

Find out more at demyst.com.

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