17-Year-Old Yogi Explains How Homeschooling Helped Him Become One of the Youngest Yoga Teachers in the World

Jules Thine, a 17-year old International Yoga Teacher shares his inspiring story that led him to become one of the youngest yoga teachers in the world.

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Homeschooling requires great self-disciple, which was a significant challenge in 17-year-old Jules Thine's pre-teen years. His father was dedicated to his education, and to showing him the world. "We traveled, experiencing countries and cultures first-hand," remarks Jules. Thanks to his father and the great expansion of online resources, Jules was able to complete his education in a way that was way richer than he could have expected from a traditional school.

While speaking during the interview, Jules also explained how homeschooling helped him. "My experience with homeschooling led me to love learning. It was not a chore for me. Self-discipline and independence became a strong part of who I am. It helped me to set goals that are relevant to me, instead of what the scholar system was expecting from me."

With the freedom in learning that homeschooling provided, Jules was able to explore an array of interests and had sufficient time to appreciate each one of them. This is how he came across yoga and web-development. "Little did I know that it would later shape the future of my life."

"My passion for yoga burned inside me, as did my delight when I was accepted as a beginner student by William Laurent, one of the most respected yoga teachers in France. He inspired me and furthered my education regarding human anatomy, which now enhances my lessons."

It took Jules just three years to become one of the youngest certified yoga instructors. In 2018, he obtained an RYT 200 Diploma certified by Yoga Alliance with Benjamin Sears at just 14 years of age. After which he continued expanding his knowledge in various workshops with yoga legend Sri Dharma Mittra in New York City, Patrick Beach in Paris, and many others in different parts of the world.

At just 17 years of age, Jules Thine is now specialized in teaching yoga for athletes, preventing injuries, introducing breathing techniques to release stress and improve performance. "And if you spend more time on your computer than running marathons, those can still be just as life-changing."

Web-development fascinated Jules and drew him to development courses where he would learn what it takes to create a sophisticated, user-friendly website. Today, the yogi has created his own website (julesyogi.com). "I am happy to say that from this very month, I will be offering free lessons on Instagram." Jules mentions how he had studied the positive impact of social media, but never imagined he would have more than 30,000 Instagram followers on his account @julesyogi

"You can't imagine how many times I have heard 'what will you do without a high school diploma?'. The answer is simple. I have built friendships with people all over the world, I have begun a journey based on my passions. Now, I want to share and experience it with other yoga enthusiasts all over the world."

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