17 Year Old Develops Challenging Mobile Game Named "Type in Time"

Developed when he was 16 and released when he was just 17, "Type In Time" is a challenging free mobile game by teenager Ashley Burnett. The aim of the game is simple - you have just one second to type the three letter word that appears.

Ashley Burnett, 17, from London UK, developed a free mobile game called "Type In Time" in his spare time. It is considered to be a really hard game. The game pulls a random word from a list of 600 three lettered words and displays that word to the user. The user then has to type that word within one second or they lose the game. If they do type the word within one second, their score goes up and they are then presented with another word to “type in time”. 

This never ending game takes a different approach from other challenging games by utilizing the smartphones keyboard. A video on Facebook calling Type In Time the “World’s hardest mobile game" has over 550,000 views. The game has had some success since its release in September 2015. It charted on the App Store, notably in New Zealand, where at one point it reached number 1 on the word games chart and number 38 on the overall app charts. While the game seems impossible at first, most gamers get the hang of it and end up with a score that they can show off to their friends.

“I learnt how to code when I was 15 and created Type In Time when I was 16. Some people find the game hard but some people find it easy. I’ve seen people get scores above 15 on their first try.” says Ashley Burnett, 17, who is the developer of Type In Time.

Type In Time is available worldwide, for free on iOS and Android devices. Simply search "Type In Time" on Google Play or the App Store to download it.

If you would like further information on Type In Time, or want to contact Ashley Burnett for an interview, please contact:

Email: ash@theashcode.com | Twitter: @ashleyaburnett


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