16-Year-Old Invents Headphones to Prevent Youth Hearing Loss - Founds AEGIS Acoustics

Father and Son Partner to Save 1.1 Billion from Hearing Loss with Studio-Quality, Noise Cancelling, Volume-Limiting Headphones

AEGIS Acoustics today announces its first line of headphones, AEGIS PRO headphones, the world’s first and only studio quality wireless headphones with volume limiting, active noise cancellation and digital decibel equalizer. The announcement comes on the heels of AEGIS’ securing their new jamsDEFENDER technology.

“1.1 Billion youth worldwide are at risk to lose their hearing just because they’re listening to their music, movies, and media at harmful levels,” says company Co-Founder, 16-year-old Kingsley Cheng. “AEGIS is all about giving kids and young people control of their hearing health. Our campaign’s hashtag is #AegisAcoustics.”

AEGIS is all about giving kids and young people control of their hearing health.

Kingsley Cheng, Co-Founder

“Kids and teens are often busy, and they don’t always remember to turn down their headphones to a safe listening level,” says AEGIS Co-Founder, Rayman Cheng, Kingsley’s father. “While you may think it looks cool to have your headphones turned up really loud, it won’t be so cool when you’re unable to hear your friends talking to you because of hearing loss that was completely preventable.”

“We didn’t want to make kiddie-looking headphones,” says Kingsley. “AEGIS headphones are all about looking and sounding great. They’re stylish and they sound amazing, and the best part is that you’ll be able to hear them well into the future because you’re not damaging your hearing by listening to them.”

“Our AEGIS exclusive digital decibel equalizer and active noise cancellation technology optimizes the volume of the quietest and/or loudest recordings while the 85dB volume limiting circuitry ensures that audio always stays at safe levels,” says Rayman, who is also an executive and entrepreneur with over twenty years in the field of consumer electronics. “We believe this is, by far, the best solution on the market.”

“According to the World Health Organization, 1.1 billion young people worldwide risk their hearing with unsafe listening practices,” says Kingsley. “The American Academy of Audiology reports that approximately 12% of all children ages 6-19 have noise-induced hearing loss. We’re here to change all that and make listening safe. We are excited to introduce a product that will revolutionize the way we listen to music.”


AEGIS PRO headphones allow wireless listening freedom and mobility, while an advanced three mode active noise canceling system typically found only in higher end headphones improves productivity and focus by reducing unwanted, ambient sounds in noisy environments by up to 95%.

Additional Features

Other features of AEGIS PRO headphones include the following:

·         Perfectly balanced studio quality audio with dual driver design

·         LED ambient light listening duration indicator

·         Wired/Wireless flexibility and smartphone controls

·         14 hour battery life

·         Foldable design with hypoallergenic memory foam inside ear cushions and headband

Because noise-induced hearing loss is caused by loudness measured in decibels (dB) and length of exposure to noise, anyone listening to music above 85 dB for extensive periods is putting himself/herself at high risk. With headphones tailored for style, comfort and the ultimate fit, AEGIS PRO’s exclusive jamsDEFENDER technology features cutting edge volume limiting circuitry that ensures volume always stays at a safeguarded level of 85dB, while the advanced active noise cancellation technology gives your volume much more listenable clarity.

About AEGIS Acoustics

AEGIS is a company that wants to save millions of children from preventable hearing loss. After realizing the disastrous effects listening to loud music has on young people, sixteen-year-old Kingsley Cheng and his father Rayman Cheng founded AEGIS Acoustics. Rayman brings twenty-four years of prior experience in the consumer electronics industry, years during which Kingsley had the privilege of listening to many high-end, expensive, audiophile headphones. Kingsley was determined to bring that type of quality audio to the market for young people. The father-son team has created finished prototypes: the AEGIS PRO headphones, complete with its exclusive jamsDEFENDER technology, a technology which will revolutionize auditory safety for listeners of all ages. “It’s been a great bonding experience with my son,” said Rayman. “We are proud to bring to the world an exclusively new and safer way to listen.”

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