16 WyoTech Students Awarded Scholarships From the Mike Rowe Foundation

Students from the leading automotive, diesel and collision trade school received 10% of the overall awards given to trade school students in the U.S.

Sixteen WyoTech students were awarded the Mike Rowe Work Ethic scholarship from the Mike Rowe Foundation. WyoTech students received nearly 10% of the overall awards given to trade-school-going students across the nation. 

WyoTech supports its students through education and financial assistance by offering up opportunities with the Mike Rowe Foundation, an organization renowned for its dedication to the trade industry.  

"WyoTech and the Mike Rowe Foundation share a common mission in bringing awareness to the value of trades education," said Jim Mathis, president and CEO of WyoTech. "For many years, WyoTech students have been beneficiaries of the Mike Rowe scholarships, who display characteristics that are in alignment with the mission of the Mike Rowe Foundation."  

WyoTech's impact on the trade industry has grown over the last five years, supported by the tremendous work of Mike Rowe himself in driving awareness to the jobs that move the American economy forward, as well as the work done by his Foundation. It is part of WyoTech's ongoing commitment to creating robust pathways within the trade industry, a sector often overlooked in its potential to offer prosperous careers.  

"Over the last five years, WyoTech has gained tremendous momentum in the industry and is building an aggressive movement of driving the right students to the trades. We strive to showcase tremendous value for prosperity that has been underrated and undervalued for too many years," said Mathis.

WyoTech's aligned mission with the Mike Rowe Foundation underscores the tech school's dedication to fostering tangible growth and prosperity in the trade industry. WyoTech is proud to advertise these scholarship opportunities to symbolize the positive traction within trade education and careers.  

For more information on WyoTech, visit https://www.wyotech.edu.  

About WyoTech

WyoTech, formerly known as Wyoming Technical Institute, is a for-profit technical college founded in Laramie, Wyoming, in 1966. WyoTech provides training programs that prepare students for careers as technicians in the automotive and diesel industry with nine-month training programs that focus on hands-on experience.

Source: WyoTech

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