15 of the Most Influential Pastors That Are Living in America Today

Who are the most influential pastors living in America today? This article identifies 15 pastors who are living in America that are influencing our faith. Their influence includes use of media, faith, reach of ministry, and willingness to mentor and grow the next generation of pastors.

An independent panel has identified 15 pastors living in America that are influencing Christianity today.  The challenges of today's society create an emptiness in many people. Some of these influential pastors have been in a ministry for decades and have set examples for generations to follow, while others are new and advancing Christianity to fresh audiences by using untapped resources through social media. These pastors have reached out to Christians, encouraging a revival of faith that is moving across America. Among the older pastors are Reverend Billy Graham, Rick Warren, and Charles Stanley.  Newer to the scene of influential pastors are TD Jakes, Bill Hybles, and Pastor John Collins. View the full article at inspirationalfaithmagazine.wordpress.com

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