12 Year Old From Princeton, NJ Launches KidzIdeaz - a Non-Profit That Empowers Kids Through Technology

Nathaniel D'Souza

Nathaniel D’Souza, a 12-year-old homeschooler from Princeton, NJ, launched KidzIdeaz , a non-profit organization,  on July 4th. The mission of KidzIdeaz is to empower kids through technology.

Nathaniel used Meteor, an open source platform for web, mobile, and desktop, to build an application to help kids capture, share, build, promote or sell their ideas. KidzIdeaz helps kids make their dreams a reality by bringing together prototype foundries, vendors, manufacturers, and investors to work with the kids. 

KidzIdeaz (www.kidzideaz.xyz), a non-profit organization with the mission of empowering kids through technology, was launched on July 4th in Princeton, NJ by twelve-year-old Nathaniel D'Souza.

Giselle Dsouza, Media Contact

KidzIdeaz was designed from the ground up to be a safe place for Kids. It requires Parents/ Legal Guardians to be involved in the registration process and in monitoring the activity of their kids who are under 13 years old. It has four age groups to ensure age appropriate content is shared between kids. KidzIdeaz is completely free for kids to use. 

KidzIdeaz was built by a kid and is also being maintained by the kids at KidzIdeazTECH. At KidzIdeazTECH kids help fix defects and add new features to the app while learning computer science concepts and real world coding skills. Their experience includes designing, coding, testing, build practices and even keeping the servers running. Kids get to learn for free and can even use the app code base to build their own products. KidzIdeaz has partnered with Nitrous.io, a collaborative cloud-based development environment, that allows kids to code together from anywhere on the planet. All that the kid needs is a laptop and access to the internet to start coding.

Nathaniel realized that even though he provided kids with a free application and free development environments, many low opportunity kids do not have access to a computer or the internet. Launching soon is KidzIdeazSOCIAL, a movement whose mission is to ensure that any deserving kid, irrespective of their social status, has a shot at their dreams. KidzIdeazSOCIAL will encourage organizations to sponsor a free laptop and 3 years of free internet access for deserving low opportunity kids.

About KidzIdeaz:

KidzIdeaz is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering children through technology. KidzIdeazTECH and KidzIdeazSOCIAL are affiliates. 


Website : http://www.kidzideaz.xyz

Twitter: https://twitter.com/kidzideaz

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KidzIdeaz-641043072725383/

Media: media@kidzideaz.xyz

Phone: 201-614-3329

Source: KidzIdeaz

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About KidzIdeaz

KidzIdeaz's was founded by Nathaniel, a 12-year-old, with the mission of empowering kids through technology. Nathaniel built an app to help kids capture/share/build/promote/sell their ideas.


Princeton, NJ