10 Year 9/11 Anniversary- Sharing Common Threads

The eight year running 9/11 Patch Project is introducing two special 10 Year 9/11 Anniversary patches for the uniformed shoulders of our nation's fire, police, ems and military personnel.

Two 9/11 ten-year anniversary uniform patches were released from the 9/11 Patch Project Web site on 10-10-10. These patches are a tribute to those who gave their lives on 9/11 and to those who continue to risk their lives daily.

Both 9/11 Patches have an American flag backdrop, one with a soldier, a firefighter and a police officer and the other with a single firefighter holding an axe-both figures are rising above the World Trade Center towers. The words, "WE WILL NEVER FORGET," are inscribed at the bottom of the patches, which are outlined in gold.

All the net proceeds will be donated to the FDNY Bravest Scholarship Fund, Terry Farrell Fund and World-Memorial. The patch follows the successful nine-year run of the 9-11 Patch, which features a single firefighter holding an axe. This patch was sold to more than 5,000 organizations worldwide with over $125,000 raised in donations. The two single largest donations went to the FDNY's Uniformed Firefighters Association and World-Memorial totaling about $15,000 each.

The new ten-year patches are designed to be worn on the uniforms or casual work-wear of firefighters, emt's, police officers and soldiers as a sign of unity and remembrance. The patches are meant to equally represent and be worn by all emergency service workers and U.S. soldiers. The designs come from Brett Hill, firefighter and founder of the 9/11 Patch Project; Richard Maljian, retired Police Officer and; Randy Meunitz, with a background of fire-service related sales.

With the 10 year anniversary of 9/11 upon us, Hill believes it is time to begin offering the patches as the 9/11 Patch Project's goal is to have them on the uniformed shoulders of all Firefighters, Police Officers, EMT's and U.S. Military personnel, by the year 2011. Organizations will be asked to wear them for the entire 10 Year 9/11 Anniversary and be encouraged to continue wearing them as a permanent 9/11 Uniformed Tribute. Manhattan Beach Fire, in California, is a great example of an agency that chose to add the patch to their uniforms back in 2002 and continues to wear them today.

The patches are available from the "9/11 Patch Project," which was created to remember all those who gave their lives on 9/11 and for those who continue to risk their lives daily, to create unity among all emergency service personnel and raise funds for related non-profit organizations. The project is about wearing our hearts on our sleeves and sharing common threads. The patch is professionally produced by a San Diego company called Pacific Sportswear & Emblem. The patches are sold for $4.95 each and can be ordered directly from the website at: http://www.9-11patchproject.org

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