10 Most Visited World Wonders in the U.S. as per Visited App

Travel App Ranks Top World Wonders Based on Over 1.9 Million Users.

World Wonders of USA

The travel app Visited, which was developed by Arriving In High Heels Corporation, has published a list of the top 10 most visited World Wonders in the U.S. The world wonders, range from natural such as Grand Canyon and man-made such as Empire State Building. Overall, United States is the 6th most popular country to visit, with the top 5 found in Europe. New York is among the most popular states to visit for those that come from abroad and locals alike.

The list is based on over 1,900,000 users who are avid travelers, that use the app Visited. Visited is a popular travel app that allows users to check off places they’ve been to or wish to visit, see custom maps of their travels, discover new destinations, and optimize their future travel plans. 

The top 10 most visited World Wonders in the U.S. include:

  1. The Empire State Building (New York)
  2. The Golden Gate Bridge (California)
  3. The Grand Canyon (Arizona)
  4. Hoover Dam (Nevada/Arizona) 
  5. Yosemite National Park (California)
  6. The Everglades National Park (Florida)
  7. Death Valley (California)
  8. Redwood National Park (California)
  9. Old Faithful (Wyoming) 
  10. Mount Rushmore (South Dakota)

To see more top travel lists with the most popular destinations worldwide, users can download Visited on iOS or Android. To learn more about the Visited Map App, visit https://visitedapp.com

About Visited Travel App

Popular travel app, Visited, is a place to keep track of all the countries, US States and cities a traveler has been to or wants to visit. The users can see their travels on a personalized map, have it printed in a poster form or view their personal travel stats. To help inspire travel, users can select sites from multiple lists by categories such as world wonders, art museums, national parks, ski locations and more. To help decide where to next? Visited showcases countries based on the number of places they added to their bucket-list. 

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