10 Minute Fundraiser Launches New Platform to Simplify Fundraising

10MinuteFundraiser.com allows organizations to raise awareness through a simple, fast and effective online fundraiser that requires no additional work on their part.

10MinuteFundraiser.com, a free, fast and effective way to raise money for all causes, has launched a new platform to simplify the approach to fundraising. The free online platform allows organizations in the United States to benefit from an online store through 10MinuteFundraising.com to raise funds for all organizations and causes that requires no additional work other than filling out a simple form.

10MinuteFundraiser’s founder, Gary Benjamin, holds over 45 years of experience with charitable fundraising in the art industry. Benjamin has combined his love for art and passion for charitable giving to create a mission to further support organizations. Using his experience selling and organizing art for high-profile charities like the American Lung Association and American Cancer Society, Benjamin has fueled his passion for charity and love for art by creating 10MinuteFundraiser.com.

“10MinuteFundraiser.com allows organizations to raise awareness through a simple, fast and effective online fundraiser that requires no additional work on their part other than contacting 10MinuteFundraiser,” said Benjamin. “By purchasing affordably priced artwork once the fundraiser is established, supporters of the organizations make a difference in the world while receiving a beautiful piece of artwork to hang in their home or office to remind them of their charitable giving and the organization they supported.”

The 10MinuteFundraiser.com website allows an online fundraiser to be created in as little as 10 minutes. The fundraiser is specific to each organization by creating an online store. The online store features a variety of carefully selected artwork that’s affordable for all budgets. A unique link is then provided to share the fundraiser with supporters to make purchases directly through the website. At the end of the campaign, 50 percent of the fundraiser’s proceeds are sent to the organization while the supporters’ of the organization receive a constant reminder of their role in supporting a cause that they value with a beautiful piece of art.

The artwork available to raise funds for organizations range in price to allow people from all walks of life to support the organizations of their choice. In addition, the available art appeals to a wide range of art preferences—from landscapes and natural scenery to abstract and contemporary pieces, so there’s something everyone will enjoy.

10MinuteFundraiser.com offers the simple and effective solution to quickly raise money and awareness to organizations across the United States. The fundraising platform is a free solution to raise funds through the beauty of art while supporting a valued cause.

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10MinuteFundraiser.com is an online platform to raise funds for organizations in the United States. The simple and effective platform allows large and small organizations to create online fundraisers in as few as 10 minutes to begin collecting funds to support their valued cause.

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