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1-800-Translate has years of experience in legal translations. Besides proving excellent services, the company guarantees a strict adherence to the codes of conduct such as maintaining utmost confidentiality.

1-800-Translate has emerged as a leader in delivering expertise in certified translation services. Legal matters require correct and accurate translation of documents. As a result, top legal firms and corporate always prefer service providers who give them quality assurance, adherence to strict deadlines, cost effectiveness and above all confidentiality. Over the years, 1-800-Translate has met all the requirements of its clients effectively.

1-800-Translate has been providing its services to many top law firms and corporate for the last 25 years. As legal translation is a specialized domain, it needs the right kind of precision and accuracy to complete any assignment. The company has state-of-the-art technology, legal experts and vast experience in providing the right kind of solutions.

When it comes to legal translation, the translator must first understand the source of assignment which is given to him. The next step is to follow the laws and legality of the source country, and in strict accordance with the legalities, he should translate the content. It is mandatory to understand the differences in the laws of the source and target countries or regions.

Along with the sync in legal terminology, the translator is supposed to give proper attention to the content as it is often cultural-centric. Hence, the basic understanding of the culture of source and target countries is essential.

Categories of Legal Translation

Contracts and Agreements: Contracts and agreements are the specific needs for any business. In growing multi linguistic global world, legal translation for each and every contract is needed. The contracts and agreements can vary from one company to another, but with the skills of an expert and experienced translator, any kind of legal assignments can be translated accurately. Experienced translators ensure the correct terms and lingo of the particular industry or market. They give effectiveness and clarity to the documents.

Legal Document Translation: Legal documents form the base on which a company or corporate operates in most areas. As a result all content pertaining to legal matters are needed in different languages with respect to the countries they are associated with. Translators who can instantly understand and recognize the culture and language of source and target countries and translate the content accordingly are needed for such translations. They assure proficiently certified localized translations. There is no scope for any miscommunication in legal matters. It is only through a clear and dedicated approach that errors can be avoided.

At 1-800-Translate, we have legal experts who ensure that the translated documents are free of errors and the content retains the meaning and essence of the original documents.

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