Pita Pit Canada Takes the Lead in Disruptive Packaging Technology

Pita Pit Canada Wrap before and after with thinbarrier® eco.

Driven by more environmentally conscious consumers and technological advancements, disruptive technology is poised to revolutionize the food packaging industry. Pita Pit Canada, a fast-casual restaurant, recognized the first mover advantages by teaming up with delfortgroup and McNairn Packaging in introducing a new innovative packaging material called thinbarrier® eco.

Joe Kofler, President of delfortgroup speciality papers says, “disruptive technology is the best way to describe this new biopolymer substrate.” Not only is the paper whiter and brighter, but thinbarrier® eco also performs better!​

Disruptive technology is the best way to describe this new biopolymer substrate.

Joe Kofler, President, delfortgroup speciality papers

delfortgroup’s thinbarrier® eco paper is a packaging wrap paper produced from renewable resources, that outperforms the existing wax-coated alternatives in both sustainability and functionality. delfortgroup’s R&D team designed a fluorocarbon and PFOA free environmentally friendly paper using a grease-resistant, vegetable based coating that eliminates the need for wax. As a result, thinbarrier® eco is re-pulpable, recyclable* and compostable*.

Therefore, switching from traditional waxed paper wraps to thinbarrier® eco significantly reduces Pita Pit Canada’s carbon footprint. According to a streamlined LCA study (Life Cycle Assessment) conducted by Innventia Edge, changing to thinbarrier® eco would decrease crude oil consumption in wrap production by 60%, saving nearly 12kg/26.46lb of crude oil per 10,000 wraps. To put this into a practical perspective, for every 113,000 thinbarrier® eco wraps Pita Pit Canada would consume one less barrel of oil.

With thinbarrier® eco, Pita Pit Canada simultaneously ticks the boxes of cost-neutral, product innovation and most importantly measurable commitment to sustainability. Pita Pit Canada has abandoned the traditional “do less harm” industry mentality by switching to a “do better” philosophy with thinbarrier® eco starting from December.

*The paper is recyclable and compostable in those areas where these facilities are available.

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