1,000th Firm Signs With Amber Book to Train Aspiring Architects to Pass the Multi-Division ARE 5.0®

The Most Effective Path to Licensure and Upskilling Success Starts With Amber Book

Amber Book, a leader in online architecture licensure exam prep, today announced a major milestone: the signing of its 1,000th architecture firm. This landmark achievement underscores Amber Book’s role as the most effective path to licensure and upskilling success, proven by thousands of architects — from small to large firms — using Amber Book to pass the ARE, increase billable hours, accelerate project fulfillment, and improve staff retention. 

“By partnering with Amber Book, we feel confident that our associates will be prepared to successfully pass their licensure exams and stay at the forefront of the architectural field,” says Lisa Hmelar, Business Manager at Topos Architects. “Our associates selected Amber Book for their licensure study program because of their reputation for quality prep materials and support.” 

Why the celebration? The reach of Amber Book’s impact is now undeniable with 1,000 firms placing their trust in the expertise delivered through comprehensive and future-ready course material. Amber Book’s resources are designed to simplify complex concepts and cater to diverse learning styles, ensuring architects can not only pass their exams but build better buildings and enhance the next horizon of the industry. Beyond the material, Amber Book offers structured study plans, priority matrixes, and weekly live study groups, providing discipline and focus essential for any firm’s success. 

“We are thrilled to welcome our 1,000th firm partner — a milestone that reinforces our dedication to not just individual architects but to architecture firms and the industry at large,” says Rebecca Turco, Executive Vice President & General Manager at Amber Book. "Our goal has always been to create a symbiotic relationship where we aid in the professional growth of architects and simultaneously contribute to the strategic development of the firms they represent.”

The recent release of the Amber Book Score Report Calculator marks another step forward. This innovative tool offers aspiring architects critical insights into their ARE 5.0 exam performance, enabling them to identify areas for improvement for subsequent test attempts. For firms, this means they can rely on Amber Book to provide some of the essential support their emerging professionals need, alleviating common operational challenges that plague every architecture firm.  

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About Amber Book

Amber Book empowers architects through every stage of their post-undergraduate architecture career — from licensing preparation to deep skilling. Committed to getting every architect licensed, Amber Book delivers what architectural learning practitioners value most: a flexible learning model, visually engaging and interactive content, and up-to-date study materials. Amber Book has enrolled 39,000+ emerging professionals and signed up 1,000 firms with an average ARE 5.0 pass rate of 80 percent. For more information, visit AmberBook.com. Amber Book is part of the Career Certified family of educators. Learn more at CareerCertified.com.

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About Amber Book

Amber Book empowers architects through all stages of their post-undergraduate architecture career — from licensing preparation to pass the ARE® to continuing education.


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