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Newly Released JQuery HTML5 Slider Software Hi Slider Attracts Web Designers of All Different Backgrounds and Styles

JQuery's eye-catching image slider designs are becoming increasingly popular. Now a Hong Kong software company has created Hi Slider for the most beginning web designer or student.

Over the past few years, jQuery image sliders have become increasingly popular for the most basic of websites because of the attention grabbing capability this simple yet creative image sliding design can produce. When jQuery sliders first started appearing on websites, the image sliders were slightly more complex to create than what they are now. Luckily, for web designers of all levels, a Hong Kong company has created an easy to use software for jQuery image slider design called Hi Slider.

Hi Slider is useful jQuery slider software with simple instructions that create elaborate and stunning jQuery image sliders for websites. With Hi Slider, users can publish sliders for basic websites, WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. Many web designers are using jQuery image slider software like Hi Slider because of the amazing graphical capability and options designers have to match the branding image of their website. With Hi Slider, graphic designers can choose images that match existing color palettes for their website or blog in order to create a brand or identity for their website.

Also with Hi Slider, web designers can create a free jQuery HTML5 slider from images or videos. From here, designers can also add customized content such as titles, descriptions or captions for images in order to introduce the website to customers successfully.

With this incredible software, web designers can highlight important information that customers care about such as discounts, specials, or events. These jQuery image sliders help keep customers knowledgeable about promotions and keep bringing them back to check on any new specials. Web users will be more likely to browse the site after seeing the jQuery introduction on the main site.

Last, Hi Slider offers a variety of transaction effects for web designers to choose from. Sliders with a good transaction effect will bring visual enjoyment to any customer or reader browsing a website. This then leads to a web user exploring more of the site or blog they are visiting.

Released by Wonder Idea Technology Limited, Hi Slider is available free for non-commercial or non-profit organizations. For commercial companies or businesses, Hi Slider is currently available for a $49 license fee. To download Hi Slider and begin designing stunning jQuery image sliders, web designers can visit http://www.hislider.com.

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