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New York-Based Plastic Surgeon Suggests SmartLipo as Safe Alternative to Liposuction Surgery

Plastic surgeon Stephen T. Greenberg is offering SmartLipo as a safe, effective and nonsurgical alternative to traditional liposuction.

With spring weather on its way, it's time to get in shape and beach-ready. For many men and women, however, resorting to plastic surgery seems like too drastic of measure to take when attempting to get rid of stubborn problem areas such as "love handles" or a flabby stomach.

That is where SmartLipo comes in. Dr. Stephen T. Greenberg, MD, a cosmetic plastic surgeon based in New York, offers this innovative procedure at the Breast Augmentation and Liposuction Center, which has locations in Manhattan, as well as in Woodbury and Southampton on Long Island.

Because of its revolutionary technique, SmartLipo does not require any surgery, incisions, needles or even the use of general anesthesia in order to get rid of excess fat. Using cutting-edge technology, the SmartLipo procedure uses laser energy to precisely target unwanted pockets of fat, dissolving the fatty tissues.

These destroyed fat cells are then naturally released and broken down by the body following the laser treatment, so that the fat literally melts away. Unlike traditional liposuction techniques—and even most of the other modern liposuction procedures performed today—SmartLipo does not result in any scars, does not harm the fat's surrounding tissues and results in very little, if any, swelling or bruising.

Since receiving its FDA approval in 2006, SmartLipo has been become increasingly popular among both men and women. Because of SmartLipo's advanced liposuction technique, the procedure safely and effectively achieves beautiful sculpting results while simultaneously boosting the body's collagen production.

Dr. Greenberg notes that many patients appreciate the convenience of SmartLipo's brief recovery time. Because there are no incisions or bleeding, the procedure requires very little downtime, with most patients able to return to work within two to three days following the treatment. With SmartLipo, patients see substantial results while experiencing considerably less pain and discomfort than other liposuction procedures.

Those interested in learning more about the revolutionary, noninvasive SmartLipo procedure and the amazing results it creates using laser energy are encouraged to contact Dr. Greenberg at

About Dr. Stephen T. Greenberg

Stephen T. Greenberg, MD, is a nationally-recognized cosmetic plastic surgeon based in New York. Dr. Greenberg is well-known for his expertise in the field, and as the author of the book A Little Nip, A Little Tuck. He is often a featured speaker at women's groups, spas, and health and skin care institutes, and regularly appears on many local and national television and radio shows. He is also the creator of the Cosmetic Surgeon in a Jar skin care line. In addition, Dr. Greenberg hosts his own weekly radio talk-show; the only regularly scheduled cosmetic surgery show in the country, on a number of New York area stations.

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